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IHG Rewards: Giveaway - Win 15,000,000 points, meals for 12 months and spire elite status

Giveaway - Win 15,000,000 points, meals for 12 months and spire elite status
U.S. Only. IHG's ‘Department of Epic’ Sweepstakes. Win free Stay, dining, status, and a few other perks.
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‘Department of Epic’ - it’s one of the coolest contest names I have ever heard. But wait, it’s not the name of the contest actually.

Department of Epic is a program of IHG which will help guests bring their travel dreams to life. (This is what they describe it as).

Coming back to the contest, so what is it called?

IHG Tell Me Without Telling Me Contest

Let’s start with what one lucky winner will get.

  • 15,000,000 IHG Reward Points. That’s a little more than 40,000 points per night for 365 days. You can actually stay at IHG properties with these many points for one full year.

  • A complimentary personalized snacks basket every time you check into a new hotel. I really do hope they have some healthier options. We have already been through one year of gain-weight-at-home.

  • A complimentary meal once a month for 12 months.

  • A mattress. Yes, a mattress. This is absurd and very interesting at the same time. If you stay at luxury properties for a year, you might not like the mattress once you are back home. So you can now carry your hotel mattress along with those shampoo and lotion bottles. (Imagine the number of shampoo bottles after 1 year of hotel stay).

  • Private Car: If you want to get around in a city, IHG has taken care of that as well. Department of Epic is living up to its name.

  • Robe Collection: The winner will get a collection of iconic Kimpton robes. Same logic as a mattress, I guess.

  • Immediate Spire Elite IHG Rewards Status. So, add free upgrades to the list as well.

  • Personal Booking Concierge. To help choose and book so many hotels. It’s not easy, trust me.

Consolation Prizes

While one winner gets it all, the rest of us has something to look forward to. There’s also a ‘Surprise & Delight Program’ where consumers who are “Epic’d” will be rewarded with “Epic Extras”. Could be hotel slippers (yeah) or a penthouse booking or anything in between.

Phew. Looks like they had an internal giveaway for suggesting names for the contest and used them all in one contest.

How to participate in the contest?

This is a social media contest. So you have to log on to your Instagram or Twitter account and ‘tell IHG why they need an epic vacation – without telling IHG they need an epic vacation’, using #IHGTellMeContest and tagging @ihghotels.

IHG is accepting submissions from June 22 through July 20.

You can see what others are posting on Twitter.

Don’t forget to read full terms and rules for the contest.


It’s a fun contest with, ahem, an epic prize. Unfortunately, the contest is available to US residents only. Hopefully, there will be more giveaways for other countries as well.

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