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IHG Rewards: Rent a car and earn 1500 bonus points + up to 500 points per day

Rent a car and earn 1500 bonus points + up to 500 points per day
Earn bonus points when you hire a car via IHG from Hertz, Dollar or Thrifty Car Rentals. You also get discounts and price comparison for all three.
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For some, travel isn’t complete without renting a car and driving down the countryside of a region we have never been to before in our lives. For some, it’s cheaper and more convenient to rent a car and drive around the city than public transport or Uber. Even though I prefer taking subways and buses (environment and all), if you still have to rent a car, this is a great offer from IHG.

Book a Hertz, Thrifty or a Dollar Rental Car and earn bonus points on every booking. You need to book them through IHG Car Booking site.

Hire from Hertz

  • Discounts
  • 1500 IHG Rewards Club bonus points
  • 500 points per day for elite members (Gold, Platinum and Spire Elite)
  • 125 points per day for Club members

Dollar and Thrifty Car Hire

  • Discounts
  • 125 IHG Rewards Club points per day, irrespective of the elite status

Maximize your IHG Rewards points

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