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Outdoor Dining Experiences at Taj Properties

Updated: Dec 29, 2020. Walter Ray.
Outdoor Dining Experiences at Taj Properties - Cover Image
Taj's new open-to-sky dining experience at some of the finest Taj restaurants across India.
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It has been 9 months since most people have stopped going to restaurants in India. Even though everything is open now, it’s still far from normal.

Restaurants, being closed indoor apces mostly, are a bit more risky than other places.

That’s why this new program from Taj Hotels makes perfect sense.

Taj - The Sky is Yours Dining Experience.

As the name implies, Taj has curated some interesting open-to-sky dining options for guests to enjoy without worrying.

Open spaces are earmarked for dining guests, with each table placed at a sufficiently safe distance from another.

And it’s not just safety. These places look far better than a regular dining setup at restaurants.

You can see the list of available restaurants here.

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