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4500 welcome points for new members

Updated: Jan 10, 2023. Walter Ray.
4500 welcome points for new members - Cover Image
Join Hilton Honors and complete 2 stays at participating Hilton properties to get 4500 bonus points. Not valid for existing members.
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Hilton Honors Welcome Bonus Offer

Hilton has extended its Welcome Bonus Offer for new Hilton Honors members for 2023 as well.

You can earn up to 4500 bonus points if you join Hilton Honors by December 31st, 2023, and complete 2 stays within 6 months of joining.

You can earn up to 4500 bonus points apart from the regular points you earn for your bookings.

Stay Points Total Bonus Points
1st Stay 1500 points 1500 points
2nd Stay 3000 points 5000 points

Stays must be booked directly with Hilton and completed within six months of joining Hilton Honors.

6 months would have been great under normal circumstances. However, during the pandemic, it seems like a tough ask in certain countries. Things seem to be much better in 2023, though.

Remember, any stays with a checkout date after the Promotional Period end date will not count towards earning Bonus Points.

If your check-out date is after 6 months of joining, you won’t be eligible to receive bonus points, as per the terms.

Promotion terms also state that Hilton Honors number must be appended to the stay before checkout date. Make sure to verify your Hilton Honors number while checking in.


It’s a great time to get your better half to join the program if they haven’t yet.

It’s always good to have another Hilton Honors account in the family anyway to make the most of ongoing Hilton promotions.

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