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Guide to Kimpton Social Password: Your secret gift code.

Updated: Oct 6, 2023. Tim Das.
Guide to Kimpton Social Password: Your secret gift code. - Cover Image
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A priest walks into a hotel. He goes up to the front desk agent and whispers something in her ears. She smiles, and hands over a box to him. He looks around, picks up his room keys, thanks the lady, and walks away.

Don’t worry! The good priest just collected his freebie for sharing the Kimpton’s latest social password with the agent.

Kimpton’s Social Password, sometimes referred to as Kimpton Secret Password, is probably one of the finest marketing strategies a hospitality brand has ever come up with.

What is Kimpton’s Social Password?

From time to time, Kimpton, an IHG brand, releases an exclusive Social Password on their social media platforms. When guests mention this password during check-in, they receive a delightful surprise freebie.

These passwords can be used at any Kimpton hotel worldwide and have an expiration date. Regardless of the nature of the freebie, the experience is always fun and very ‘Kimpton’.

‘No Shade’, ‘Off-Duty’, ‘Stay Cool’, etc. are some Social Passwords Kimpton has shared in the past.

What to expect when you use Kimpton’s Social Password?

The Social Password remains the same across every Kimpton hotel worldwide. However, the freebie isn’t fixed.

You could get bonus points, a bottle of wine, a complimentary room upgrade, a box of chocolates, complimentary breakfast for 2, a gift set, a round of drinks, a spa voucher, free parking, or anything else. Whatever it is, you won’t even know unless you know the secret password.

Most hotels will have more than one option and will let you choose your reward.


Next time you book a Kimpton, don’t forget to look up their Social Password beforehand. You could score a cool freebie and kick-start your stay with some fun. All you need to do is mention the Social Password to your check-in agent.

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