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5 key differences between Courtyard and Fairfield hotels by Marriott.

Updated: Mar 29, 2024. Tim Das.
5 key differences between Courtyard and Fairfield hotels by Marriott. - Cover Image
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When it comes to accommodation, Marriott has a diverse portfolio of brands to cater to the different tastes and preferences of travelers. Two of its popular select service brands are Courtyard and Fairfield by Marriott. These two may offer similar lodging experiences at a glance, but they also possess unique characteristics that distinguish them from each other.

1. Brand Size and Global Reach

Courtyard is Marriott’s largest brand with a robust presence not just in the United States but also in international markets. This brand boasts an array of excellent properties outside the US, particularly in Asia. In Asia, these hotels are often more upscale, featuring expansive lobbies, full-service amenities, and extravagant breakfast offerings.

On the other hand, Fairfield Inn & Suites have a strong reputation for providing consistent quality service across its various locations. The brand is widely recognized for its decently spacious rooms offered at very reasonable prices.

2. Property Age and Condition

The condition of the properties under these brands can vary greatly depending on their age. Older Courtyard hotels tend to be less impressive than their newer counterparts. Conversely, Fairfield hotels are generally newer and often in better condition.

However, if both properties are relatively new and fall within a similar price range, Courtyard would typically provide a superior experience due to its slightly premium offerings.

3. Breakfast Offerings

One notable difference between these two brands lies in their breakfast offerings. In Fairfield Inn hotels located in the US or Canada, complimentary breakfasts are provided to all guests – a convenience that frequent travelers will surely appreciate.

At Courtyard hotels globally and at Fairfield hotels outside the US and Canada, there isn’t such benefit as free breakfasts; guests would either need to book a rate inclusive of breakfast or pay separately for it.

4. Loyalty Points Earnings

Marriott Bonvoy members should also take note of how points earnings differ between these two brands.

Staying at Fairfield hotels in Europe, Middle East, and Africa earns the guest 5 points per USD spent and 1 elite night credit for every two nights. This means that a one-night stay at a Fairfield in these regions doesn’t earn any elite qualifying night, causing some unnecessary complications.

In contrast, staying at Courtyard hotels anywhere in the world, as well as at Fairfield hotels outside of the regions mentioned above, yields 10 points per USD and a full elite qualifying night for each stay.

5. Location

Fairfield hotels are usually located in suburban areas or near airports, while Courtyard hotels are often situated around city centers. However, this might not be the case for all such hotels. Determining their locations is quite straightforward.

If you are saving a few bucks at a hotel and then spending double the amount on Uber every day, it’s not worth it.


Courtyard by Marriott, and Fairfield, both provide select service hotels catering to business travelers and tourists on a budget. Generally, newer Courtyard hotels are superior to Fairfield hotels. However, this may not always be the case with older properties that are in desperate need of a renovation. Differences also exist in terms of points earning and complimentary breakfast options, which vary by location.

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