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Get 2000 bonus points per night at Courtyard by Marriott hotels

Updated: Mar 29, 2024. Walter Ray.
Get 2000 bonus points per night at Courtyard by Marriott hotels - Cover Image
Promotion applicable at participating properties in the U.S., Canada, Caribbean and Latin America.
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Courtyard, the Marriott’s brand with most hotels worldwide, is currently offering a bonus of 2000 points per night at select properties throughout the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, and Latin America.

This promotion may seem familiar, as it regularly reappears with new validity dates. It has been a recurring offer for several years now.

You can view and book the offer rate on the promotion page here.

It’s important to note that these bonus points are awarded on a per-night basis rather than per stay. However, given this is an exclusive rate, it may not always be the most affordable option.

Booking multiple rooms

If your travel plans include booking more than one room, keep in mind that the bonus points apply to just one room. Therefore, it might be beneficial to book additional rooms using the accounts of your fellow travelers so they can also earn bonus points.


The offer of 2000 extra Marriott Bonvoy points is quite attractive if it doesn’t involve any additional cost. It’s especially appealing considering that the bonus is given out for every night rather than every stay.

Courtyard hotels often come up with even more attractive offers including bonus points, complimentary breakfasts, laundry services and more. Make sure to check out the popular Marriott promo codes when searching for a property for any added benefits.

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