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14 evergreen Marriott promo codes we often forget to use.

Updated: May 20, 2024. Tim Das.
14 evergreen Marriott promo codes we often forget to use. - Cover Image
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There are Marriott promotions. There are Marriott Global Promotions. And there are good old promo codes. The codes we often forget about when booking a hotel.

Promo codes can provide substantial savings on your stays. In exchange for the simple task of entering a 3-letter code.

Interestingly, most of these codes can be combined with global promotions, as well as other bonus points promotions.

Here are a few codes that frequently appear in Marriott promotions. Note that these codes are not universally applicable at all hotels or at all times. Despite this, Marriott often reuses the same promo codes.

The details of offers associated with these codes also fluctuate. Therefore, some may not offer the lowest available rate. It’s recommended to compare and see if the difference is worthwhile. From our experience, they usually are.

Before we delve into these specific codes, let’s briefly discuss how to use these promo codes.

How do I enter a promo code on Marriott’s website or app?

These promo codes can only be used on the official Marriott booking page here, or on the Marriott app. You can’t use these codes with third-party websites and apps.

  • Step 1: Open Marriott’s booking page.
  • Step 2: Enter your destination. This is important.
  • Step 3: Once the destination is selected, you will see the option to click on ‘Lowest Available Rate’. Enable Marriott Promo Code field
  • Step 4: Select ‘Add Corp/Promo Code’ and enter any promotional Marriott code here. Enter Marriott Promo Code

List of promotional Marriott Codes.

Marriott Code Benefit
MR5 1,000 to 10,000 bonus points per stay.
M11 Up to 10,000 Bonus points, or daily hotel credits or both.
53M 2000 bonus points daily at Courtyard by Marriott hotels.
E0S E Zero S. For Silver elite or higher only. If available, it could get you up to 10,000 bonus points, or hotel credits, or both.
E0G E Zero G. For Gold elites or higher only. Get bonus points, credits, or both.
E0P E Zero P. For Platinum elites or higher. Have seen as much as 20,000 bonus points per stay occassionally.
LPR Local Promotional Rate. Set by hotels and occasionally pops up some remarkable offers.
LTS / UK8 Long-Time Stay Code. Typically, requires a minimum stay of 3+, or 5+ nights at hotels, 7+ nights at resorts.
ZX0 Up to $100 daily credit at resorts.
ADP Discounted advance booking rate. Typically, non-refundable.
S4B Daily breakfast for 2 during the promo periods.
CUE Used Generally for offers with Dining benefits
ZJL Mixed offers. Weekend stay benefits to hotel credits.
QRI Marriott Weekend Escapes. Read more about it here.
HL1 Holiday rate. Expect a discount, and one or meal included as part of the rate.
ES7 Gift card for groceries, or hotel credits. Typically, for longer stays.

More savings opportunities.

Here are additional Marriott codes that come with specific requirements such as memberships, age, or profession.

Type Benefit
Last-minute deals Up to 20% off. View Marriott’s last-minute deals here.
For AAA/CAA members Discounted stays. Book here.
Marriott family and friends rate. Marriott employee code for discounts. Details here.
Marriott Senior Discount Up to 15% off. Details here.
Discount for Teachers Up to 15% off. Details here.
Healthcare workers, Military and First Responders Use code XYD. Typically, a 15% discount.
Marriott Corporate Codes Check with your HR for details.
Club Marriott Codes (Asia) Use codes EMM and MZ7. Note that you need the respective certificates to use these codes.


Marriott offers some of the most intriguing promotions. However, even their seemingly mundane promo codes can yield some exciting savings. The best part — these can be combined with most other promotions for even more benefits.

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