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Marriott Friends and Family Employee Rate: Codes, discounts and promotions.

Updated: Feb 1, 2024. Walter Ray.
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Working for a mega corporation typically comes with several employee benefits and perks. However, in the case of Marriott (and a few other hotel chains), even friends and family of the employees get to enjoy numerous benefits.

Tip: If you know someone who works for Marriott, be nice to them. They could be your travel angels. :-)

Marriott offers exclusive discounts and rates for its employees, associates (past and present), friends, and families. Sometimes just knowing someone working with Marriott (who is willing to help) is good enough to get these discounted rates.

Note that these benefits are in addition to the Marriott’s most public and targeted promotions (you can view your targeted promotions on the Marriott Promotions Central page).

Marriott’s Friends and Family rate and benefits are pretty similar to Hilton Go – Family and Friends Rate program. However, Hilton is slightly easier to book.

There are 4 types of discounts offered by Marriott for its employees, friends, and families.

Program Discount Code Eligibility
Explore Rate Up to 80% MMP For employees and immediate family only
Explore Friends Rate Up to 50% MMF For friends and family
Quarter Century Club 100% off ~ For employees with 25+ years of service
Employee Dining Discounts 20% off ~ For all Marriott employees

All rates, discounts, and availability vary from property to property and largely depend on the current occupancy, peak or off season, and other criteria. Be prepared to spend some time researching before you find your perfect rate.

You earn Marriott Bonvoy points, elite qualifying nights, and other loyalty benefits with Marriott Friends and Family and Employee rates as well.

Marriott Explore Rate (Discount Code: MMP or MM4)

This is the primary discounted rate for Marriott employees and associates, and their immediate family members. Rates are generally heavily discounted.

We checked 10 properties and the general discount was 60-70% on most properties.

How to book Marriott Explore Rate?

Marriott Explore Rate can be booked directly on Marriott’s website using the code MMP in the promotional code field.

However, you will be asked for an authorization form at check-in to make sure you are eligible for the explore rate.

You can get the Marriott Explore Rate authorization form from Marriott Forms or your MGS (Marriott Global Source) using your EID and print it from MyPDR. In some situations, you should be able to use a Marriott Discount Card instead.

Check with your HR for more details about the form and the discount card.

Who is eligible for the Marriott Explore Rate?

Marriott is very strict when it comes to the eligibility for Marriott Explore or MMP Rate.

  • Employees and associates of Marriott can book a maximum of 2 rooms per night. For personal travel only.
  • Immediate family of employees – Spouses, domestic partners, parents, parents-in-law, brothers, sisters, and children of Marriott associates can book a maximum of 1 room per night. For personal travel only.
  • Total number of rooms booked by an associate cannot exceed 2 rooms at a property. e.g., You can’t book 2 for yourself and 1 for parents at the same hotel on the same dates.

Marriott Explore Friends Rate (Discount Code: MMF)

Marriott Explore Friends Rate has a broader eligibility net but a much lesser discount. This rate can be good at times. However, it’s rare.

Having said that, it’s always(mostly) better than regular rates. You should check rates and then decide if it’s worth going through the hassle of authorization forms/approvals etc.

How to book Marriott Explore Friends Rate?

Marriott Explore Friends Rate can be booked directly on Marriott’s website using the code MMF in the promotional code field.

However, you will be asked for an authorization form at check-in to make sure you are eligible for the ‘explore friends rate’.

Just like the Explore rate, you can get the Marriott Explore Friends Rate authorization form from your MGS (Marriott Global Source) using your EID and print it from MyPDR. Check with your HR for more details.

Who is eligible for Marriott Explore Friends Rate?

  • Everyone eligible for Explore rate – i.e. employees, associates, family, etc. can also book this rate.
  • Any friends and family you would like to nominate. You just need the form.
  • Stay should be for personal travel only.
  • There is no limit on the number of nights booked through this rate.

Difference between Marriott MMP and MMF rates

The primary difference between MMP and MMF rates offered by Marriott is that MMP is strictly for the employee and her or his immediate family. Whereas. MMF can be used for self, friends, or family (not necessarily immediate). MMP also offers better discounts overall, compared to MMF.

Marriott QCC – Quarter Century Club

The Quarter Century Club (QCC) is a long-term service reward program by Marriott.

QCC membership is available to all employees, current or former, who have completed 25 or more years of service at Marriott managed properties.

It’s a lifetime membership.

The program rewards members with complimentary rooms or villas at participating Marriott-managed locations and access to Explore Rates even after quitting the job (or most likely retiring, in this case).

You can read more about the program here.

How to book Marriott Quarter Century Club Rate?

Marriott QCC rates can be booked up to 90 days in advance. You need to book Marriott Explore Rate (see above) and then call or email the QCC Customer Engagement Center to determine if that particular Explore Rate can be changed to the QCC complimentary rate.

Alternatively, you can directly email them to inquire about availability before booking.

Marriott QCC Eligibility

Eligible members can book 1 complimentary stay for 1 room up to 3 nights per property per year.

You can book one additional room at the available Explore rate.

Complimentary stay IS NOT available at the following brands:

  • Bulgari
  • Design Hotels
  • The Luxury Collection
  • The Ritz-Carlton
  • St. Regis

Can you use Marriott Friends and Family rate without a form?

It might be tempting to book the rate online and try your luck at the check-in.

Well, don’t!

Hotels are not only strict about the authorization form, they will probably ask you to pay the Rack rate, which is pretty higher than most online rates. Remember, they have your card on record, and they can charge it if you accepted the conditions while booking.

At the same time, by blocking the availability, you are also denying a room to someone who could genuinely benefit from this rate.

Marriott Employee Discount on Food and Beverages

As a Marriott employee, you are also eligible for a 20% discount on food and beverages. Some properties extend the discount to all in-property services, including parking.

Some properties might not be offering this discount as a standard. Better to call and check before you head to the property.

There is no special employee discount code required for this, apart from identification and proof of employment.

However, if you are an employee (and are being nice), you will most likely be offered several more benefits. Hotels and managers have a lot of say.


It’s a good idea for employees to try their own products and services. Doesn’t matter the industry (okay, maybe not all… can think of numerous hazardous materials).

Employees who understand the product can help improve the product. All big corporates understand the importance of employee feedback.

At the same time, it’s equally important to keep a tab on your competitor’s offerings.

If I were a Marriott employee, I would be pretty happy with these rates.

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