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Accor ALL: Earn 500 to 6,000 reward points when you stay with Accor hotels

Earn 500 to 6,000 reward points when you stay with Accor hotels
Register for the offer and complete your stays by 7th June, 2020 to earn bonus points for first 3 stays.
Register By: March 5, 2020
Book By: March 5, 2020
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Accor is a great chain. But like I have always said, regular reward points you earn with them are pretty lame. It only makes sense if there are some bonus points up for grab. Fortunately, Accor has some promotion or the other running all the time. (Tip: Subscribe to Accor updates. You will thank me later.)

Here’s the latest one.

Earn up to 6,000 reward points for 3 stays when you book by 6th March 2020 and complete your stay by 7th June 2020.

Stay Points Total Points
1st (min. 2 nights) 500 500
2nd (min. 2 nights) 2500 3000
3rd (min. 2 nights) 3000 6000

You need to register for the offer on this promotion page first.

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