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Accor Plus adds 20 status nights credit as a permanent benefit for members.

Updated: Aug 1, 2023. Manprit.
Accor Plus adds 20 status nights credit as a permanent benefit for members. - Cover Image
This new benefit adds to the already long list of benefits for Accor Plus members.
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In a world where devaluation is the only enhancement you see over time with loyalty and membership programs, Accor Plus has decided to take a different approach.

Accor Plus is adding a new benefit to its list of some already very exciting features.

Accor Plus members will now get 20 bonus status night credits every year.

This can be a game-changer for several Accor Plus members. By receiving these credits annually, members can now reach the next Accor ALL status more quickly, effectively reducing their required stay nights by 20.

For existing Accor Plus members, these 20 status nights will be added to their accounts in the coming days.

Status Nights Required For Accor Plus members
Accor ALL Silver 10 0 (upgrade at signup)
Accor ALL Gold 30 10 (with 20 bonus status nights)
Accor ALL Platinum 60 40 (with 20 bonus status nights)

This benefit won’t help with the Accor ALL Diamond status upgrade. For Diamond, the eligibility is based on spends, and not the number of nights.

If you are someone who frequently stays at Accor hotels, you are probably already aware of the fantastic benefits that come with being an Accor Plus member.

The inclusion of 20 bonus nights only adds to the allure of this program. With up to 2 complimentary nights, up to 50% off on dining, as well as discounts of up to 50% on rooms through the Red Hot Rooms sale and an additional 10% off on room bookings, Accor Plus provides exceptional value for its members.

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