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How to book your Accor Plus free night? Plus important tips.

Updated: Jan 4, 2024. Manprit.
How to book your Accor Plus free night? Plus important tips. - Cover Image
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Accor Plus membership comes with one or more free nights benefit known as StayPlus. The number of free nights you receive depends on the Accor Plus plan you have purchased, and the availability of plans in your country.

Some memberships obtained through credit cards may include additional nights compared to those purchased directly from Accor.

You can read more about the plans and benefits of Accor Plus here.

Now, assuming that you already have a free night credited to your account, let’s explore how you can proceed with booking it.

Check the number of free Accor Plus nights you have.

To view the number of Accor Plus free nights and their expiry date, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Accor Account Dashboard by clicking on this link: Accor Account Dashboard
  2. Scroll down to the ‘My Paid Cards’ section.
  3. In the box labeled ‘Accor Plus’, click on the right arrow located at the extreme right. Accor Account Page: Accor Plus section
  4. A new page will load, displaying the Accor Plus section.
  5. Here, you can view all your benefits, including the number of ‘Stay Plus’ free nights available and their respective expiry dates.

Accor Plus details page screenshot

How to book your free Accor Plus night?

Accor Plus free nights can be booked via Accor ALL’s website or their mobile app. It’s a pretty simple process that is completely online. You do not have to call or email anyone to book the same.

Note that Accor Plus free nights can be booked at Accor hotels in Asia Pacific only.

Follow the following steps to search and book Accor Plus free nights.

  1. Go to Accor’s main booking page.
  2. Ensure that you are logged in to your Accor ALL account.
  3. Enter your desired destination and travel dates.
  4. Activate the ‘Stay Plus’ feature by clicking the corresponding button. If you are using the mobile app, this option will appear on the second screen after entering your destination and dates. Search for Accor Plus Free Night
  5. Click on the Search button to proceed.
  6. On the results page, you will find a list of available Accor hotels for your selected date and destination. The booking process from this point is similar to reserving a regular room.

On the hotel listing page in your search results, you will come across three types of results:

1. Completely free night.

Accor Plus Free Night

If you see a hotel with the “Stay Plus” tag and “Free” mentioned next to it, you can use your Accor Plus free night at this property without any cost. However, please note that in some countries, there may be taxes that need to be paid.

2. Free night with extras.

Accor Plus Upgraded Free Night

When you see a hotel with the “Stay Plus” tag and a price (usually a small amount) next to it, this means that upgraded rooms are available at the property. These rooms may include rooms with lounge access, premium rooms, or even suites.

The amount you pay is the difference between the standard room rate and the available upgraded room type. Some hotels may allow you to remove certain amenities like lounge access if you don’t need them, thereby reducing the price difference during check-in. However, it’s not guaranteed and may vary from hotel to hotel.

3. No Accor Plus free night available.

Accor Plus Free Night Not Available

If there is no “Stay Plus” tag next to a hotel name, it means that there are no free Accor Plus nights available at that property. This often happens with premium properties.

Nevertheless, Accor will still display these hotels in the results, but without the “Stay Plus” tag, indicating no free night option.

Tips to help you make the most of your Accor Plus free night.

How do you make a stay that’s already free, even better? Take a look at these handy tips on maximizing your Accor Plus complimentary nights.

Back to back Accor Plus free nights are not allowed.

If you have more than one Stay Plus night in your account, you might think it’s a good idea to make two separate bookings and use your Stay Plus benefit for two nights.

Well, it’s not allowed.

Accor Plus terms clearly state that you cannot book 2 consecutive nights at the same hotel using Accor Plus free nights. Even if they are separate bookings.

You may be able to book them online, but the hotel will cancel one reservation as soon as they notice. This could happen before your arrival or during check-in, so it’s not worth risking ruining your holiday.

However, you can use one free night with Stay Plus and book another night using points.

Don’t settle for just a free night.

The purpose of a free night is to be used for, well, a free night stay. However, Accor Plus is a little more generous with their free nights. Instead of just providing a free standard room, they provide a discount equivalent to the charges of that room.

This allows us to explore and book various other types of rooms at the hotel. The options available may vary depending on the specific hotel, but generally, you can choose rooms with additional amenities such as lounge access, premium views, suites, and sometimes even villas.

Although you will have to pay the price difference, it still offers an excellent opportunity to upgrade your stay at a discounted rate.

You can book multiple nights on one booking.

If you want to book a multiple-nights stay, you can do it in the same way. Accor will deduct the cost of the free night automatically from the total price of your stay. There is no need to make multiple bookings just to use your Accor Plus free night certificate.

Link your credit card for dining rewards during your free stay.

Even if you are enjoying a complimentary stay at a hotel using your free night certificate, you will still be responsible for covering the cost of dining. Thankfully, as an Accor Plus member, you can take advantage of significant savings on food and drinks at participating Accor restaurants. With discounts of up to 50% on meals and 15% on beverages, you can enjoy delicious cuisine without breaking the bank.

To make things even easier, you can simplify your reward points earning by signing up for Accor dining rewards. By linking your credit card with your Accor account, you can effortlessly accumulate points every time you dine at participating restaurants.

You can read more about the benefits and registration process for Accor Dining Rewards here.

Maximize the value of your Accor Plus free nights.

Here are some tips to maximize the value of your free night certificate for Accor hotels in the Asia Pacific region:

  1. Book in Advance: As with any hotel reservation, booking in advance can increase your chances of securing a room at your desired hotel. Accor’s hotels tend to have limited availability for free night certificates, so it’s advisable to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

  2. Consider Peak Season: The value of your free night certificate can be maximized by using it during peak season when hotel rates are typically higher. However, keep in mind that popular destinations may have limited availability during these times, so it’s essential to plan well in advance.

  3. Choose the Hotel You Always Wanted to Stay At: Your free night certificate presents an excellent opportunity to experience a high-end or luxurious hotel you’ve always wanted to stay at. Take advantage of this by selecting a property known for its exceptional amenities, location, or unique features. It would be a waste to use it at lower priced properties.

  4. Research Hotel Reviews and Ratings: Just because you are not paying for it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t research the hotel you are staying at. Before making a reservation, research the hotel’s reviews and ratings. This will help you ensure that you’re selecting a property that meets your expectations and offers good experience for your free night.

  5. Utilize Accor Loyalty Program Benefits: If you’re a member of Accor’s loyalty program — Accor ALL, make sure to leverage any additional benefits or perks that come with your membership when redeeming your free night certificate. This could include room upgrades, complimentary breakfast, access to lounges etc.

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