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Accor launches 2 new 'ALL Plus' global subscription programs

Updated: Mar 17, 2023. Walter Ray.
Accor launches 2 new 'ALL Plus' global subscription programs - Cover Image
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Accor just launched 2 new subscription programs. Technically, they are a relaunch of IBIS Business and IBIS Business plus cards. However, it may seem like a dilution of benefits for some.

Since the program has been just announced, we are waiting for more details.

The details should be available on the program page, after March 22nd, 2023.

New ALL PLUS ibis and ALL PLUS Voyageur membership programs

ALL Plus Program cards picture

The new ALL Plus program comes in 2 variants. ALL PLUS ibis and ALL PLUS Voyageur.

Accor manages several membership programs. However, most of them are regional offerings.

ALL Plus, on the other hand, is a global subscription program with benefits at all participating properties globally.

The primary benefits of ALL Plus include discounts, last-minute room availability, and status benefits.

Benefits at a glance

ALL PLUS ibis ALL PLUS Voyageur
15% discount at ibis, ibis Styles & ibis budget 20% discount at Luxury & Premium hotel brands and 15% discount at Midscale & Economy brands.
Priority room availabilty, up to 2 days before arrival Priority room availabilty, up to 2 days before arrival
10 status nights (Gets you Silver Status) 20 status nights (Silver Status, 10 nights away from Gold)

Last-minute room availability but not guaranteed

Accor shies away from using the word ‘guaranteed’ when talking about room availability up to 2 days prior to check-in.

We can safely assume that it’s not guaranteed. However, members should get a priority over guests who haven’t subscribed to the program and don’t hold any elite status with Accor.

Gold is gone

One of the most attractive benefits of the earlier IBIS business membership was instant gold. Well, it’s gone.

Earlier, you could just buy this membership for Accor Gold for 99 euros. It was worth it, even if you didn’t end up staying at IBIS properties at all.

All is not lost, though. It looks like, ALL Plus Ibis subscribers will get 10 status night credits and Voyageur subscribers will get 20 elite night credits. That’s silver for both and just 10 nights short of gold for All Plus Voyageur members.

Current IBIS Business cardholders (old program) will continue to be Gold until the end of their subscription.

What will happen to Accor Plus?

Accor Plus(Asia Pacific only) is still the best paid membership program out there. The benefits it provides are far better than ALL plus.

However, it appears that it will be merged with ALL Plus by next year.

I would love to see Accor Plus benefits been extended to Accor hotels worldwide. Even though it seems highly unlikely at this point.

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