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Guide to Accor Red Hot Rooms: Traveling with 50% off at some stunning hotels.

Updated: May 7, 2024. Tim Das.
Guide to Accor Red Hot Rooms: Traveling with 50% off at some stunning hotels. - Cover Image
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Accor Red Hot Rooms is one of the most underrated benefits of an Accor Plus membership. I have taken advantage of this incredible offer numerous times and have been able to stay at fantastic Accor properties for unbelievably low prices.

Even premium properties like SO/, and Pullman are often featured in Accor Plus Red Hot Rooms sale at 40% to 50% off the best available rate.

So, what exactly is ‘Accor Red Hot Rooms’ benefit?

Accor Red Hot Rooms is an exclusive discount program for Accor hotels that is accessible only to Accor Plus members. Every two weeks, Accor releases a list of hotels offering discounts of up to 50% at select properties across Asia Pacific.

To give you a better idea, take a look at the screenshot below, showcasing a sample sale of Red Hot Rooms.

Accor Red Hot Rooms Sale Sample Prices Screenshot

How much is the Red Hot Rooms discount?

The Accor Red Hot Rooms discount is typically up to 40% off at luxury and lifestyle hotels and 50% off at premium, economy and mid-scale hotels.

The rates are supposed to be updated every alternate Friday.

Here’s how Accor categorizes various brands they own.

Accor Luxury Brands. Accor Luxury Brands

Accor Lifestyle Brands. Accor Lifestyle Brands

Accor Premium Brands. Accor Premium Brands

Accor Midscale Brands. Accor Midscale Brands

Accor Economy Brands. Accor Budget Brands

How to book Accor Red Hot rooms?

To book Accor Red Hot Rooms, the easiest method is to visit the official list of participating hotels on the Accor website.

However, I have noticed that some Accor hotels offer red-hot rooms even if they are not listed here. Therefore, I prefer to check for these rooms on the main website of my travel destination.

When you search for a hotel, the Red Hot Rooms rate will usually be displayed at the top of the room rates page. You can easily identify it by its prominent placement. Accor Red Hot Rate in the search result on website.

On the mobile app, it’s even simpler to spot these discounted rooms as they are shown directly in the search results, rather than on the hotel details page.

Accor Red Hot Rooms sample on the mobile app

Disadvantages of Accor Plus Red Hot Room rates.

There are two drawbacks to consider when booking Accor Red Hot Room Rates, although they may not be major.

Firstly, these rates are non-refundable. This is not advisable, especially if your plans are dependent on others confirming, applying for leave, international travel, applying for a visa, or waiting for a work-related commitment to finish.

Secondly, it is not possible to book these rates using points. Additionally, since these rates typically require a full payment in advance, you cannot use points later at the hotel either. However, if you are already staying at the property, you can visit the reception and request to book this rate using points. While they are not supposed to accommodate this request, they may still be able to do so.

Best strategy to maximize Accor Red Hot rooms.

Here are some tips to help you maximize this unique benefit offered with Accor Plus:

  1. Instead of reducing your travel budget, use Accor Red Hot Room to upgrade your stay. Since most people have a limited travel budget, we typically choose hotels that fit within our daily budget. However, with the red-hot sale, consider booking a higher-tier hotel such as Pullman or SO/ for a similar price. This can provide you with a memorable and luxurious experience.

  2. Time your bookings wisely. While some hotels may sell out quickly, booking too far in advance can be risky if your plans are not confirmed. I prefer booking 4–5 days in advance when I am more certain about my plans and can confidently book a non-refundable rate.

  3. There’s another strategy I use often. Book a refundable room at the hotel if your plans are still not confirmed or the stay dates are too far away in the future. As the cancellation period approaches (at least a few hours before it ends), book the red-hot room rate at the same property or another one and cancel the initial booking. Make sure to choose a property that you would be comfortable staying at in case the red-hot room is not available later on.


Accor Plus members can save as much as 50% on room rates with Accor Red Hot Rooms program. The benefit is available at select participating Accor hotels in Asia Pacific. The list of participating hotels refreshes every fortnight.

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