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Air India partners with Tata Neu HDFC Credit Cards. Offers up to 5% Neu Coins.

Updated: Oct 4, 2023. Walter Ray.
Air India partners with Tata Neu HDFC Credit Cards. Offers up to 5% Neu Coins. - Cover Image
Tata Neu members booking their Air India tickets using their HDFC Tata Neu Credit card can get up to 5% cash back in form of Neu Coins.
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‘Tata Neu’ is Tata Group’s super app and a loyalty program rolled into one. It can be super confusing to understand, and at the same time very useful if you get a hang of it.

Most Tata Brands (Excluding Vistara, and Air India) offer up to 5% cash back in the form of Neu Coins on all purchases made via the super app (using any form of payment). 1 Neu Coin is worth Re.1 when shopping via the app.

Then there are Tata Neu HDFC Credit cards that offer additional Neu Coins over and above the Neu Coins earned from using the app.

And now, Air India will also offer up to 5% Neu Coins when booked using one of the Tata Neu Credit cards.

Card Neu Coins
TATA Neu Infinity HDFC Bank Credit Card 5%
TATA Neu Plus HDFC Bank Credit Card 2%

Note that this partnership is only limited to Tata Neu Credit cards. Air India is not changing their loyalty program to Tata Neu.

You will continue to earn Flying Returns points as usual for all your flights. Using Tata Neu credit cards may offer a slightly better value than using Air India credit cards.

Complimentary Lounge Access

Tata Neu cards come with complimentary lounge access benefit. This benefit can be used when flying with any airline, and not just Air India.

Cardholders can avail complimentary access to 8 domestic and 4 International lounges annually with the Tata Neu Infinity HDFC Bank Credit Card. If you have Tata Neu Plus HDFC Bank Credit Card, you can get 4 domestic lounge visits per year.

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