Hilton Honors Go More, Get More Promotion.

Earn 2x Hilton Honor points on every stay starting on your second stay. Additionally, you can also earn Plus-Up Point Bonuses. Here’s how much you can earn.

Stay Points
1st Regular Points
2nd onwards 2x points on every stay
10th Stay 10,000 bonus points + 2x points.
15th Stay 15,000 bonus points + 2x points.
20th Stay 20,000 bonus points + 2x points.

So on completing 20 stays, you will get a total of 45,000 plus-up bonus points and 2x of regular points.

This offer can be great for someone with lots of short stays coming up. However, if it was 20 nights, instead of stays, it would have been way more exciting and reasonable. Having said that, you can always use this to just earn 2x points second stay onwards.