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How to maximize IHG points you earn per stay?

Updated: Jan 29, 2024. Tim Das.
How to maximize IHG points you earn per stay? - Cover Image
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The IHG One Rewards program is one of the most generous rewards programs out there when it comes to earning points. Besides regular points, IHG provides several opportunities to significantly amplify the number of points you can earn per stay.

Base earning.

With IHG One Rewards, the base earning rate for stays is 10 IHG points per USD spent at participating IHG properties. This rate applies to all IHG brands with two exceptions: Staybridge Suites and Candlewood suites, where you earn 5 IHG points per night.

However, you also earn bonus points on every stay, depending on your elite status with IHG.

IHG Status Bonus Points
Silver Elite 20% bonus points
Gold Elite 40% bonus points
Platinum Elite 60% bonus points
Diamond Elite 100% bonus points

Having an elite status can greatly enhance the number of bonus points you earn at IHG hotels. For instance, a diamond member will accumulate 20 IHG points per USD for every stay. That’s a substantial saving already.

You can read more about the various IHG status levels here.

You can start earning 60% bonus IHG points from Day 1.

You can purchase an immediate IHG Platinum status for $200, which makes you eligible for a 60% bonus on your point earnings. If you have upcoming stays with IHG, spending $200 may be well worth it.

This Platinum status is included in the IHG Ambassador membership and begins reflecting in your account as soon as you purchase the membership.

If uncertain about spending $200, you may want to explore other IHG Status Match opportunities.

How about a 500% bonus?

Typically, for a $100 per night room, you earn 1000 points at the rate of 10 points per USD.

Now, what if I told you that you can earn an additional 5000 points per night?

This is possible with the IHG’s bonus points packages. For a few dollars extra, you can earn several thousand bonus points. This is so powerful that the day IHG stops these, they will probably lose thousands of IHG loyalists.

You can read all about using the IHG bonus points packages here.

Never, ever miss an IHG promotion.

IHG knows how to play the promotions game. And they do it like a pro. Every few weeks there are new promotions, and most of them are usually quite attractive.

You can view the list of current IHG promotions here.

Not taking advantage of these promotions is akin to leaving free points on the table. Consider subscribing to our newsletter to stay updated on the latest IHG promotions.

Earn IHG points for dining too.

In addition to earning points for stays, you can also earn IHG points for dining. The best practice is to charge all your dining expenses to your room which then become part of your single IHG bill with your IHG number on it.

In fact, it’s recommended to charge all hotel expenses to your room as it simplifies tracking and provides proof in case points aren’t automatically credited. Keep your bill safe until all the points are reflected in your account.

And now, you can also earn dining rewards at IHG restaurants even when you are not staying at the hotel. Learn more about IHG Dining Rewards here.

US Only: Even more points with an IHG credit card.

Using an IHG credit card to settle you bills at IHG hotels can earn you additional points.

With the IHG Premier Card, you earn an extra 10 IHG points per USD spent at IHG hotels. This card also includes Platinum status, earning you a 60% bonus. With all these combined, you can earn up to 26 points per USD spent at most IHG hotels. The card has an annual fee of $99.

With the IHG Traveler Card, you earn an extra 5 points per USD spent at IHG hotels and includes Silver status. Combined, you can earn 17 points per USD spent at most IHG hotels. This card does not have an annual fee.

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