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IHG Points: How to combine, transfer, or pool IHG points for faster reward nights?

Updated: Feb 13, 2024. Tim Das.
IHG Points: How to combine, transfer, or pool IHG points for faster reward nights? - Cover Image
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If you’ve ever found yourself pondering ‘Can husband and wife combine their IHG points?’ or ‘Can we pool the family’s IHG points for a holiday?’ then you’re in the right place.

While there’s no straightforward answer to this conundrum, IHG does provide numerous methods to combine points or to book a stay when you’re just a smidgen short on points.

If your main concern is to use expiring points, there are numerous ways to breathe life back into your IHG points.

So, let’s dive into the available alternatives when you feel the need to amalgamate your IHG points.

Transfer IHG points.

The most straightforward method of combining your IHG points is by transferring them from one account to another. This service is complimentary for IHG Diamond Elites and Business Rewards members.

While attaining Diamond Elite status might require some blood, sweat, and tears (and time), enrolling in Business Rewards can be a breeze.

Read more about transferring IHG points at no cost.

However, if you don’t belong to either of these groups, fret not! You can still transfer your IHG points — but be prepared for a fee of $5 per 1000 points. Unless money grows on trees in your backyard, this might not be the most economical option. Purchasing points or using Points & Cash are better alternatives.

Purchase IHG Points.

IHG often holds promotions where purchasing points can earn you up to 100% bonus points — essentially a 50% discount on buying points.

With some proactive planning, these sales could help you get free nights faster.

You can check the latest IHG buy points promotions here.

Utilize Points plus Cash.

The IHG Points & Cash scheme is arguably the best value points and cash program in the market. It’s available whenever there are rooms up for grabs on points, and you can view all the possible Points & Cash options on the room selection page.

When opting for Points & Cash, you’re essentially buying extra points to fast-track your Reward Night booking. If you cancel a night, although you won’t get your cash back, your purchased points will be refunded.

IHG Points & Cash booking choices

Book individual nights on separate accounts.

This option isn’t as convoluted as it might appear. For instance, if you’re vacationing with your partner. They can book one night using their IHG account’s points while you book another using yours.

At check-in, ask them to merge it into one stay.

Pooling your family’s IHG points.

Unfortunately, IHG doesn’t permit point pooling for award bookings. The only way to use someone else’s points is to transfer them to your IHG account.


If you’re just shy of a few IHG points, there are several workarounds to replenish your account. You can shuffle points between accounts (either paid or free), utilize the Points & Cash option, purchase additional points or make multiple bookings. Sadly though, pooling of IHG points for an award booking is not allowed by IHG.

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