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IHG now lets you transfer points for free to other IHG One Rewards members.

Updated: Dec 6, 2023. Tim Das.
IHG now lets you transfer points for free to other IHG One Rewards members. - Cover Image
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IHG One Rewards members can now transfer IHG points to other IHG members for free. There are certain conditions, however.

To qualify for free point transfers, individuals must either be an IHG Diamond Elite member or have joined the IHG Business Rewards program. Those who meet these criteria can transfer points in increments of 1000.

Additionally, each account is limited to sending or receiving a maximum of 500,000 points within a calendar year.

You can transfer IHG points here.

It’s important to note that in order to transfer or receive points, your IHG account must be at least 30 days old.

Families and groups who travel together already love Marriott’s online points transfer service, as it allows for more cost-effective travel. Now, the ability to consolidate IHG points further enhances this optimization for family travel.

On the other hand…

For those who are not IHG Diamond Elite members or part of the Business Rewards program, there is still an option to transfer points. However, this comes with a fee of $5 per 1000 points transferred.

We strongly recommend joining the IHG Business Rewards program instead of paying this fee.

The cost of transferring points at such a rate is pretty close to purchasing points during promotions or with points + cash bookings.

Why you should consider joining IHG Business Rewards?

Apart from the ability to transfer IHG points for free, there are several other benefits of IHG Business Rewards.

  • Booking stays for others: You can book stays at IHG hotels for others and earn bonus points for yourself. The booking is still a direct booking and the guests who are staying will earn their points and benefits as usual.
  • Exclusive Business Rewards promotions: IHG often runs promotions exclusively for IHG Business Rewards members. As a member, you can benefit from these offers as well.
  • Booking events, meetings, weddings etc.: As an IHG Business Rewards member, you get the ability to book events and earn bonus points from these. The first time I became IHG Diamond (then Spire Elite) was with the points I got for organizing a wedding. Bigger the bill, greater the number of points you earn.
  • No separate business account: Even after joining the IHG Business Rewards program, you only need to manage one IHG account. All your business and personal stay points, elite nights, benefits, certificates, and more will be credited to the same account.

Joining IHG Business Rewards is free, and if you even have a small side hustle, you can sign up for it.

You can join IHG Business Rewards here.


IHG One Rewards members who are Diamond Elites or part of the IHG Business Rewards program can now transfer points for free in increments of 1000 points, up to a maximum of 500,000 points per calendar year.

For those who do not meet these criteria, paying $5 per 1000 points transferred is not recommended. Instead, we encourage individuals to explore the benefits of joining the IHG Business Rewards program.

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