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Hotel Indigo Patong: Review of a charming boutique hotel in Phuket by IHG.

Updated: Dec 20, 2023. Walter Ray.
Hotel Indigo Patong: Review of a charming boutique hotel in Phuket by IHG. - Cover Image
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Phuket is renowned for its breathtaking beaches and luxurious resorts, offering a haven of tranquility amidst nature’s splendor. However, amidst this idyllic setting, there exists the vibrant energy of Patong.

During our visit to Phuket, we decided to spend a few days immersing ourselves in the lively atmosphere of Patong before retreating to the serene beach resorts. But why choose Patong? Well, it has gained fame for various reasons, and even if you’re not a party enthusiast, it promises an invigorating experience.

The streets of Patong beckon you to explore throughout the night. Surprisingly, even at 1 am, you’ll encounter bustling traffic jams here. For solo travelers seeking security and comfort, this area exudes a welcoming aura. Always teeming with people and resonating with music from every corner, Patong offers an abundance of delectable cuisine and much more.

It’s important to note that Patong does not provide a conventional Thai experience; in fact, very few locals call this place home. Instead, it is dominated by hotels and other businesses catering to tourists. The local population consists solely of those who work here.

And amidst this vibrant hustle and bustle lies the exquisite Hotel Indigo Patong. Here is our review of Hotel Indigo, Patong based on our own experience here.

Hotel Indigo Patong, Boat at the entrance.

Hotel Indigo, Patong Beach — First Impressions.

As soon as we entered the lobby, we noticed that Hotel Indigo Patong was teeming with families. This was a positive sign, as it usually indicates a family-friendly environment.

The hotel’s lobby immediately caught our attention with its modern and vibrant design. It boasted an open layout, allowing guests to feel welcomed as soon as they stepped foot inside. The sleek and contemporary furniture, along with pops of bright colors and unique artwork on the walls, added to the lobby’s stylish atmosphere.

Hotel Indigo Patong - Lobby

We appreciated the ample seating areas scattered throughout the lobby, providing comfort for guests to relax and unwind. The front desk was conveniently located in a central area, making check-in and concierge services easily accessible.

Hotel Indigo Patong - Check-in desk, reception

All in all, Hotel Indigo Patong’s lobby exuded a warm and inviting ambiance, setting the perfect tone for our stay in Patong, Phuket.

Hotel Indigo Patong - Lobby Stairs.

Can’t think of a better location to stay.

The Hotel Indigo Patong Beach boasts an unbeatable location with plenty of amenities within walking distance. Just a short stroll away, you’ll find a 7-eleven, Watsons, a salon, various restaurants, and even several massage shops. And if you’re in the mood for some fun in the sun, the beautiful rainbow road will lead you to the beach in just 7–8 minutes. Just be prepared for the heat!

For those looking to sample some local delicacies, there are numerous street vendors nearby offering tempting treats like banana roti and fresh fruits.

Hotel Indigo Patong - Shops nearby

While the popular Bangla street may be a bit of a trek from the hotel, it’s worth noting that Hotel Indigo Patong’s location strikes a perfect balance. It’s not as chaotic as areas near the Bangla street, but still puts you right in the heart of all the action.

Beautifully designed rooms.

The hallway leading to our room was dimly lit, which was not to our liking. However, once we entered our room, we were greeted by a beautiful and modern space. The beds were incredibly comfortable, making it one of the most pleasant nights of sleep we’ve ever had. The rooms were spotless and well-designed, especially the spa-inspired bathrooms.

Hotel Indigo Patong - Espresso in room

Hotel Indigo Patong - Well appointed rooms

Hotel Indigo Patong - Standard Room

We were pleasantly surprised to find a small yet convenient balcony overlooking the pool, complete with two bar stools where we could enjoy our morning coffee.

Balcony at Hotel Indigo Patong, Phuket

Although there were some noises in the hallway at night, mainly from college friends partying late into the night, no one caused any major disturbances. We could hear doors opening, people laughing, and talking loudly. But considering we were in Patong, this was to be expected.

Hotel Indigo Patong, Phuket - Bathrooms deserve a special mention

Types of rooms at Hotel Indigo Patong.

Hotel Indigo Patong Beach offers various room options to choose from.

1. Standard Rooms

Their Standard Rooms are beautifully designed and include either a king or twin beds, a balcony, spa-inspired bathrooms, an espresso machine, and a sound bar.

These rooms are available in three different configurations:

  1. Standard City View (which can get noisy thanks to all the vehicles, and promotion vans with loudspeakers on the road below the balcony),
  2. Standard Garden View, and
  3. Standard Pool View.

2. Pool Access Rooms

For those who enjoy relaxing in the pool after a long day, Pool Access Rooms provide access to an almost private ‘Oasis Pool’. However, I preferred the rooftop pool and bar, as they were more inviting. If you prefer a quieter swimming experience with fewer people around, the Pool Access Rooms may be more suitable for you.

Pool Access Rooms at Hotel Indigo Patong, Phuket

3. Junior Suite Garden View

The Junior Suite Garden View is the lowest category room that includes a bathtub. It also features a cozy sofa and generally offers more space than other rooms.

4. Junior Suite Terrace Garden

If you’re looking for even more luxury and space, the Junior Suite Terrace Garden is an excellent option. This suite includes a living area (not separated by walls), a spacious terrace with stunning views, and of course, a bathtub.

5. One-Bedroom Suite City View

Lastly, the 1-Bedroom Suite City View offers a private suite experience with a comfortable king bed, a separate spacious living area, a balcony, a bathtub, a double rain shower, and even an Indigo signature cocktail bar.

Overall, Hotel Indigo Patong Beach offers a range of well-designed and comfortable rooms to pick from. Because I am a light sleeper, I would steer clear of rooms with a city view, as the noise from the road would prevent me from getting any sleep throughout the night.

Breakfast at Hotel Indigo Patong

The breakfast at Hotel Indigo Patong in Phuket is a delightful experience featuring a combination of Western and Asian dishes.

Hotel Indigo Patong - Breakfast Live Stations

Every item is expertly prepared, ensuring a flawless dining experience. The breakfast buffet is extravagant and definitely worth the price. With various sections dedicated to vegetarian options, Indian cuisine, local Thai dishes, live cooking stations, a variety of fruits, and more, there is something to satisfy every palate.

Hotel Indigo Patong - Breakfast: Thai Soup Section

Hotel Indigo Patong - Breakfast: Home Bakery

Hotel Indigo Patong - Breakfast: Sitting

Hotel Indigo Patong - Breakfast: Local Thai Chicken Noodles Counter

Nevertheless, what truly sets this hotel apart is the exceptional level of hospitality offered by its staff, including the attentive and friendly breakfast team.

Restaurants at Hotel Indigo Patong

The food at Hotel Indigo Patong was outstanding, especially the pizzas, steaks, and local Thai delicacies.

IHG members can enjoy a 20% discount on food at the hotel.

The hotel has several restaurants to choose from. Our favorite was Pots Pints & Tikis, which offers outdoor seating and live music in the evenings. It had a great atmosphere. The main restaurant is called The Butcher’s Garden, where breakfast is served. For light drinks and alcoholic beverages to enjoy while swimming, guests can visit The Rooftop Pool Bar.

Hotel Indigo Patong - Pots Pints and Tikis

The rooftop pool is a must-visit.

There is a small section where you can catch a glimpse of the sea while enjoying a swim in the rooftop pool. The pool also has a section with a transparent floor for some cool pictures.

Additionally, there is a charming cocktail bar located on the rooftop, which seems to be a popular spot for hotel guests to relax and unwind.

Hotel Indigo Patong - Rooftop Pool and Bar.

Tips for booking Indigo Patong Beach.

There are a million ways to book a hotel nowadays. However, we recommend booking Hotel Indigo Patong directly with IHG.

Among several other benefits, you get reward points, discount at restaurants, and elite night credit for your stay.

Don’t forget to check the latest IHG Promotions. No harm in earning a few thousand extra bonus points on your stay.

If you have a few stays with IHG coming up in the next 12 months, consider purchasing IHG Ambassador membership that comes with IHG Platinum status. You can read more about IHG Elite Status benefits here.

IHG Elite Status benefits at Hotel Indigo Patong.

The status benefits you get at IHG hotels depend on your status with IHG.

When I stayed there, I was an IHG Diamond Elite. My room was upgraded from the standard room to the Pool View standard room. Same room with a different view is not a great upgrade. But I booked on points so wasn’t expecting much.

I was given breakfast vouchers as a Diamond Elite welcome amenity for each night at check-in. This is an important part. I had to ask for the vouchers. Otherwise, they would have probably used the default option of 500 points.

Plus, unlike other hotels, you need to collect your breakfast coupons at check-in. It won’t be added to your room.

Hotel Indigo Patong - In-room welcome amenity.

We also received 20% off at the restaurants as an IHG member. This is available to all members. In fact, we have used this discount even when we were not staying at the hotel.

Apart from this, you will also get bonus points as per your elite status.

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