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Pullman Panwa Phuket: Review of one of the best resorts to stay in Phuket

Updated: Dec 11, 2023. Tim Das.
Pullman Panwa Phuket: Review of one of the best resorts to stay in Phuket - Cover Image
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During our trips to Thailand, we have had the pleasure of staying at various Accor hotels and resorts. Among them, Pullman Panwa Resort in Phuket stands out as one of our absolute favorites.

This stunning property has everything you could possibly desire for a memorable vacation. From direct beach access to breathtaking views, a tranquil location, delicious cuisine, exceptional rooms, and a team of truly amazing staff members, Pullman Panwa Resort has it all.

Allow us to provide you with an overview of our experience at this resort. We will also share what to expect during your stay and offer tips on how to save on your stay and food expenses here.

Pool Villa Bedroom at Pullman Panwa

Picking the right room is critical.

Pullman Phuket Panwa Beach can be divided into three main sections: the left side with mostly villas, the central area with rooms and suites, and the right side with a mix of villas, rooms, and suites.

Throughout the property, both the rooms and villas are outstanding. However, it’s crucial to consider what type of view and level of tranquility you prefer before making your decision.

Pullman Panwa Phuket Map for Rooms

If utmost peace and privacy are what you seek, opt for the villas on the left side. These secluded accommodations ensure minimal foot traffic aside from occasional staff members passing by. Most of these villas come with private pools, providing a wholly private and disconnected holiday.

For those who desire a blend of peacefulness and some activity, the right side is your best bet. This area offers a variety of villas, suites, and rooms while still maintaining a serene ambiance. If you’re looking for a quieter experience without breaking the bank, this is the ideal option.

Keep in mind that the rooms in building no. 3, located further from the sea, dominate the right side. While the views from these rooms are still pleasant, they may not be as remarkable as those towards the center. Additionally, some views may be obstructed by trees.

On the other hand, building no. 4 in the central part of the resort offers a livelier atmosphere. If you enjoy a bit of hustle and bustle, this is where you’ll want to stay. We opted for a sea view room in this building and thoroughly enjoyed being able to soak in the sounds of people swimming, music playing, and others enjoying themselves at restaurants—all from our balcony. As individuals who appreciate some activity around us rather than complete silence, this was perfect for us.

Ocean View Room at Pullman Panwa

Regardless of your choice, please note that just like any other resort, you will need to pay a premium for an ocean view room. Is it worth it? Absolutely, especially if you’re an early riser. Witnessing the beautiful sunrise from your balcony makes it all worthwhile.

A beach with mood swings.

The hotel has a private beach where guests can partake in a range of water sports. However, the tides at this beach vary greatly, so timing is crucial when it comes to enjoying the seawater.

Located on a shallow and tidal bay, even at high tide, swimming is not possible or very difficult. During high tide, you can engage in activities such as kayaking, windsurfing, swimming, or Hobie wave sailing. On the other hand, low tide offers unique experiences like “Marine Walk Activities”.

Unfortunately, during our recent visit, unfavorable weather conditions forced the closure of these activities for all three days.

Private Beach at Pullman Panwa

The pool is where the cool is.

Pullman Panwa Resort has multiple pools spread throughout the property. Among them is a large infinity pool that provides the perfect setting for a leisurely swim or a refreshing dip. Additionally, there is an exclusive swim-up bar, right next to the infinity pool, where guests can sip on delicious cocktails while soaking up the sun.

With comfortable loungers, umbrellas, and attentive service, Pullman Panwa Resort’s swimming pools offer an idyllic retreat. The pools are warmed by the sun and become more populated from 4 pm onwards. Although there are some visitors throughout the day, the afternoon heat may be too much for some.

Pullman Panwa Pool Area and Bar

Overall, the main pool area is fantastic as it allows guests to relax on a sun bed while enjoying breathtaking views of the sea and palm trees with a fresh coconut in hand. The pool is spacious and suitable for all ages.

The perfect place to put on a little weight.

The overall food standard is pretty high here. In terms of presentation, quality, and taste.

The breakfast at Pullman Panwa Resort was truly impressive. We were spoiled for choice with an extensive variety of dishes available throughout the stay.

A definite highlight of dining options at the Pullman Panwa is Tamarind Thai Restaurant. This restaurant offers authentic Thai food that should not be missed. The presentation of dishes was outstanding, and the flavors were absolutely delightful.

Pullman Panwa Tamarind Thai Restaurant

The in-room dining menu offers a satisfactory range of options to choose from. However, I recommend stepping down to the restaurant for the atmosphere, recommendations, service, and some restaurant discounts.

The spa is a must-try.

Getting a good massage is never a problem in Thailand. Yet, the spa here is such a delight. It is definitely worth experiencing at least once. Among the various therapies I tried here, the Coconut scrub (with de-tan) stood out as my favorite.

In general, this spa is quite good and I highly recommend it. Additionally, it offers reasonable prices. The spa itself is impeccable, boasting cleanliness and stunning rooms. The treatments can be tailored to suit your needs.

Furthermore, they provide a well-appointed couple massage room for added convenience and comfort.

Pullman Panwa Spa

Accor Platinum Elite Benefits at Pullman Panwa.

The first time I stayed here, I was as a silver member, And all I got was a drink voucher for 2.

The next 2 bookings were as an Accor ALL Platinum. And for the first time, I found being an Accor Platinum this valuable.

Some benefits offered to me as a Platinum were:

  • Priority check in: There’s a separate check-in desk for elite members. It helped us save some time. Wasn’t too crowded otherwise as well.
  • Drink voucher: We were offered a drink voucher for 2. It was put to good use at the pool bar.
  • Room Upgrade: First time, we were upgraded from a standard room to a suite with a terrace. And from a suite to a pool villa on another booking. However, note that this was during the off season, so occupancy wasn’t that high.
  • Decorated room: Rooms were decorated with flowers with lots of welcome amenities. It was also our anniversary, so that must have played a role as well.
  • Complimentary Breakfast: Platinum members get complimentary breakfast daily at Accor hotels in the Asia Pacific. Applicable here as well.
  • Special breakfast menu: Apart from the complimentary breakfast, there was an exclusive breakfast menu to choose from for Platinum members. Had some excellent options.

Accor Platinum members are also entitled to complimentary lounge access. Unfortunately, Pullman Panwa Resort Phuket doesn’t have a lounge.

Pool Villa, Pullman Panwa Resort

Tips for Saving on Your Stay at Pullman Panwa Phuket.

If you are a regular here on MilesCop, you would know that there is always an opportunity to save on hotel stays. Let’s look at some simple ways to optimize your stay at Pullman Panwa Resort.

Visit during the Off-Season.

November to April is the peak season in Phuket. And that’s when all good resorts, including Pullman Panwa, are pretty expensive here.

On the other hand, peak monsoon is also not a good time to be in Phuket. However, the months of May to July, and sometimes even August can go for days without rains.

This is the time when Pullman Panwa can be as much as 50% cheaper than the price during peak season.

In addition to the discounted rates, you’ll also experience benefits such as faster service and more availability for spa appointments. However, if you are into water-sports or intend to go for island tours, off season is not the time to visit Phuket. It’s scary out there in the sea during monsoons.

Pullman Panwa Weather Station

Get Accor Plus, esp. for food.

Accor has a popular paid membership program called Accor Plus. You can read all about the benefits of Accor Plus membership here.

Let’s talk about the benefits useful for your stay at Pullman Panwa.

  • Silver Membership: Accor Plus gets you instant Accor ALL Silver membership that comes with drink vouchers that you can use at the pool bar.
  • Stay Plus: Accor Plus also comes with 1 or 2 free nights called Stay Plus. You can use these certificates at Pullman Panwa for a free night. Note that you cannot use Accor Plus free nights for back to back stay at the same property.
  • Get 50% off on food: Accor Plus gets you up to 50% off on dining at restaurants in Pullman Panwa. We saved a lot with this benefit. The only downside is that this discount is not applicable on in-room dining. However, it was worth it.
  • Additional discount of 10% on stays: Accor Plus members get an additional discount of 10% over and above all promotions and discounts. Can help save a bit, especially for longer stays.
  • Red-Hot Rooms sale: During the off season, Pullman Panwa participates in Accor Red-hot rooms sale, reserved exclusively for Accor Plus members. You can easily save 40-50% with this sale. I have seen rooms at Pullman Panwa for under $100 per night several times during the sale.

Pullman Panwa Deluxe Suite Room Bathtub

Step Out.

While it’s worth having meals within the resort, if you’re on a budget or staying for an extended period, venturing outside can save you money. There are massage shops, laundry services, and reasonably priced restaurants nearby that offer alternatives.

Book Transport Online.

Transportation to and from the hotel can be expensive. Use ride-sharing apps like Grab and Bolt to book taxis in Phuket. Additionally, consider using Klook Airport service for convenient and economical airport transfers.

Opt for VIP Passes for Activities.

If you intend to participate in water sports, purchasing a VIP Pass for activities can save you some money compared to booking individual activities. Just be sure to check the weather beforehand.

You can read more about Pullman Panwa VIP Passes here.

Keep an Eye on Accor Promotions.

Pullman Panwa participates in various Accor promotions, including points multipliers, discounts, and flash sales. Staying informed about these promotions can lead to significant savings on your stays at Accor hotels.

We cover such promotions in our Accor ALL section.

Pullman Panwa Restaurant

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