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Try out new IHG hotels with a 30% discount and free breakfast.

Updated: Mar 14, 2024. Tim Das.
Try out new IHG hotels with a 30% discount and free breakfast. - Cover Image
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While some old hotels have their own charm, nothing can compare to the experience of staying in a newly opened hotel. These brand-new establishments are often equipped with the latest designs, modern architecture, and current technologies.

One of the main advantages of new hotels is their cleanliness. Everything, from the lobby to the rooms and amenities, retains an untouched feel due to being relatively unused. There’s no wear and tear on furniture or appliances, nor any marks on walls or carpets, providing you with a pristine environment that significantly enhances our comfort and satisfaction.

And of course, there are those new hotel opening offers.

Like most other hotels, IHG also offers some excellent discounts and ‘grand opening promotions’ for their new properties.

Offer for new IHG Hotels.

You can save up to 30% on breakfast inclusive rates when you stay at any of the new IHG properties in participating locations. The discount is capped at 20% for non-members. IHG One Rewards members get an additional 10% off.

You can view and book these deals from new IHG hotels through two separate pages:

Region New Hotels Page
Europe (including UK, and Ireland) View here.
Southeast Asia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand & the South Pacific View Here.

Note that these offers from new IHG hotels are valid only within the first six months of their opening. And Six Senses hotels, typically, don’t participate in such promotions.

In addition to these set deals, extra perks and amenities may be provided by some new hotels when you choose to stay with them.


With IHG’s new hotels promotion, you can save up to 30% on stays at newly opened or renovated properties.

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