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Marriott points expiry and how to easily extend it

Updated: Feb 8, 2024. Walter Ray.
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If you are a frequent traveler and a regular here on MilesCop, you must be aware of our unswerving dedication to bagging as many hotel stay points as possible. We tirelessly sift through codes, links, partnerships, and choose the most rewarding cards — all in the name of maximizing points.

In our vast experience with hotel loyalty programs, we’ve found Marriott Bonvoy to be quite the treasure trove. They offer a wealth of promotions, have a good points value, and boast an impressive range of hotels worldwide.

Hence, it’s critical that we monitor our Marriott points expiry closely so as not to squander any free nights. After all, points are like cheesecake — too precious to waste!

When do Marriott points expire?

All your hard-earned Marriott points will vanish in one fell swoop if there’s no qualifying activity for a continuous 24-month period.

Yes, you read that right — it doesn’t matter when or how you earned them; they’ll all disappear quicker than you can say “is there an upgrade available?”. Once those points expire, there’s no magic spell to bring them back. Hence, it’s crucial to actively monitor your Marriott Bonvoy points expiry and ensure they’re never wasted.

Keeping track of your Marriott points expiry.

Thankfully for us point hoarders, Marriott makes tracking this easier than finding a tourist in Times Square.

Simply head over to your Marriott Account Activity page and set the filter to ‘Qualifying Activity’. Then check for the last qualifying activity date.

You can also view all your ‘Qualifying Activities’ directly.

Marriott Activity Page Screenshot

Once you’ve got the date, just add 24 months to it to determine your points’ expiry date. Keep a 1-day margin for time zone differences.

Even if your award stay isn’t completed by the time of points expiry, any awards redeemed before that are still valid.

Currently, Lifetime Elite Membership Accounts are immune from points expiry. However, this may change in the future.

How to extend your Marriott points validity?

Fear not! Extending your Marriott points validity is as simple as ordering room service.

Just ensure you have one of the following qualifying activities, and you’re covered for another 24 months:

  • A completed paid or points redemption stay posted to your account.
  • Non-stay hotel spending like dining or spa services where points are awarded.
  • Points from events, meetings, conferences, etc.
  • Points earned via a credit card that allows point transfer to your Bonvoy account.
  • Program partner earnings
  • MVW Owner Earned Points for Exchanges
  • Buying more points
  • Earnings from Vacations by Marriott
  • Converting your Bonvoy points to partner airline miles
  • Redeeming some points (excluding Hotel Awards and Travel Packages)

Remember: Qualifying activities might take some time to post the points. So don’t be a last-minute Larry!

Non-Qualifying Activities

A few activities won’t extend your point’s life:

  • Gifting or transferring points to another Bonvoy member
  • Receiving points as a gift or transfer from another Bonvoy member

Wrapping Up

Unlike some loyalty programs that make point retention feel like pulling teeth, Marriott makes it fairly straightforward.

Remembering to extend your points validity in time is the key. And in our opinion, the easiest ways to do this are by buying points and transferring them via credit card. Best of all, you only have to do this once every two years. So let’s keep those free nights rolling in!

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