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Radisson Rewards: Get Confirmed Radisson Rewards Status Match

Get Confirmed Radisson Rewards Status Match
If you are an elite member with any other hotel chain, you can get your Radisson Rewards status upgraded before your next stay.
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Update: Radisson Rewards has now split into Radisson Americas and Radisson Rest of the World. You can access Radisson Americas loyalty program details here.

Radisson Rewards has some amazing benefits for elite members, including a very generous room upgrade policy. (I have been personally upgraded to a suite on several occasions, including a stay booked on points.)

Normally, to get a Radisson Reward elite status you have to stay for 30 or 60 nights with them. However, if you are an elite member with any other chain, you can directly opt for a status match without even staying a single night.

Radisson Rewards status match is pretty straightforward. If you are an elite member with any other hotel chain, e.g. IHG Rewards Club, Marriott SPG, Accor Le Club, etc, all you need to do is send your name, Radisson Rewards membership number, other program details, status, and proof of status to the email address StatusMatch @ radissonhotels .com .

You can send your membership card and statement as proof. It helps to have some stay and points in the statement.

Radisson Rewards generally replies within a couple of days with their decision. Mostly shouldn’t be a problem unless you have been status matched earlier or there are some problems with your other elite status.

Status Match helps you get an upgrade to an elite status even if you don’t fulfill the standard requirements. (To keep track of all the elite status promotions and benefits, subscribe to Radisson offers updates.)

  • Silver - 9 nights or 6 stays
  • Gold - 30 nights or 20 stays
  • Platinum - 60 nights or 30 stays

See our Radisson Rewards offers page for the latest offers and deals from Radisson.

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