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Taj Hotels introduces Dedicated Service Assistance for elite members

Updated: Feb 15, 2022. Walter Ray.
Taj Hotels introduces Dedicated Service Assistance for elite members - Cover Image
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Taj Hotels are pretty good and have a flavor of warmth and hospitality that’s unique to them. If you stay at Taj Hotels often, you know what we are talking about.

However, the website and app of Taj hotels are a complete disaster. They are ages behind Marriott, IHG, or Hilton apps. Given that Taj Hotels belongs to the same group that owns one of India’s largest IT companies, it’s just disappointing.

But if you are a Taj InnerCircle elite member (Gold or higher), there’s now an excellent solution for you to book your stay, redeem points, and for other membership-related tasks - Taj Service Assistant.

Taj Service Assistance

Taj Service Assistance is a dedicated service for elite members with the ability to get a few tasks done on a call.

The service team will assist you with:

You should also expect shorter wait times and better resolution to queries.

Taj Gold Assistance Service Details

What makes this service exclusive is the fact that it’s not easy to get Taj Gold or higher without actually staying for 40 nights or spending 4 lakhs in a year. Unlike other hotels where Gold is pretty easy to achieve.


It’s always good to have a dedicated service option. If nothing else, it helps save a lot of time. However, how good the service is in reality, we will have to try it out and see.

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