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Bill Shock: Using Amex Vouchers at Taj Hotels.

Updated: Mar 23, 2024. Manprit.
Bill Shock: Using Amex Vouchers at Taj Hotels. - Cover Image
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For quite a while now, American Express India has offered Taj Vouchers as part of card benefits. Apart from redeeming your Amex points for these vouchers (which isn’t a great deal), a few Amex cards also offer the opportunity to earn Amex Taj Vouchers as bonuses.

For example, on renewing the Platinum Reserve credit Card and meeting an expenditure of Rs. 500,000, you get a Taj stay voucher valued at Rs. 10,000. The Platinum Charge Card offers Taj Vouchers worth Rs. 45,000 as a welcoming bonus and also provides cardholders with Taj Vouchers worth Rs. 10,000 on their birthdays.

However, there’s a catch.

Limitations of using Taj Amex vouchers

The primary limitation of the Taj vouchers issued by Amex is that they cannot be used with most rates. They are not simple cash-equivalent vouchers.

The majority of rates, including those obtained through booking via the Tata Neu app, or member rates for Taj Silver, Gold, or Platinum members are not eligible for these vouchers.

In fact, it appears that even the stays booked via Amex Travel Concierge for premium cards are not eligible to use Amex vouchers.

Ultimately, you may end up paying an additional 10% to 30% for your stay, if you decide to use Taj Vouchers issued by Amex.

Worse still, this information is usually not shared until you attempt to make payment or use your voucher. While lower rates can be booked initially, they are converted to full rates either during check-in or check-out.

Interestingly enough, this restriction typically applies to Amex issued Taj vouchers only; those issued outside of Amex can be used for many more rates.

How can I make the most of my Taj vouchers?

Here are some options:

Determine the accurate rates

When planning to redeem your voucher for accommodation, it’s important to know the actual price payable.

Make a refundable booking first and then contact the hotel directly either via phone call or email informing them about your plan to use the Amex voucher; they will let you know the applicable rate. Email is a better option if there’s no time constraint.

Split your booking

If your entire stay isn’t covered by the Amex vouchers, it’s advisable to make separate bookings for voucher redemption and cash payment. This way, you can use the discounted rate for non-voucher nights.

Booking a single stay might result in an increased rate for the whole stay.

Use voucher for incidentals

Find out from the front desk if your vouchers can be used to pay for incidentals like food and spa services. This allows you to maintain your stay rate without having to switch to the higher one. Although points may not be awarded for incidentals, this is a small sacrifice compared to the value gained.

Avoid using vouchers for stays

Some hotels may allow you to use Taj Amex vouchers at their Spa or restaurants even when not staying at their property. However, remember that once used, the whole voucher must be redeemed at once; partial redemption of Amex Taj vouchers is not permitted.


While it might be relatively easy to earn Taj Amex vouchers, redeeming them isn’t as straightforward. You may end up paying higher rates or having to use them on other services.

If given an option, I’d recommend choosing an alternative over Taj Vouchers from Amex. When redeeming Amex Membership Rewards, transferring points to Marriott Bonvoy or another airline partner could potentially be a wiser decision.

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