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5 new-age budget hotel chains that are cheap and stylish

Updated: Sep 3, 2021. Walter Ray.
5 new-age budget hotel chains that are cheap and stylish - Cover Image
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What comes to your mind if you think of budget hotels? Hostels, tiny discount hotels, dirty rooms, unsleepable beds, or shared accommodations?

Imagine if budget hotels could mean huge properties, super comfy beds, clean, well maintained, maybe even complimentary breakfast, reward points on stays, and elite status benefits.

Thanks to several global budget hotel chains, this is now not only a reality, but it’s also making travel much more cost-effective (hence more travel) and opening longer travel to a lot more people.

Before we jump into the details about these budget hotel brands, let’s talk a bit about how are these hotels different from others?

What can you expect at these budget hotel chains?

Many of these hotels come with names like Marriott and Hilton attached to them. However, you should set your expectation right.

Budget hotels compromise on a few things, which probably a lot of people don’t use anyway.

You won’t find grand lobbies or welcome drinks at these budget hotel chains. You won’t probably have several restaurants featuring different cuisines or specialties.

However, you will have 24 hours open minimalistic lobby to check-in and move to your room. A single restaurant with a limited food menu.

Most importantly, trained staff that will understand your needs and tries to help you out.

A few might but most won’t have a spa or a luxury lounge. However, you can expect a fully functional gym at most of these properties.

Rooms and bathrooms would be smaller, functional yet well maintained. Most of these hotels won’t have room service. And that might be a deal-breaker for some. Want lunch? Go down to the restaurant. Want an extra toothbrush? Go down to the reception.

On the other hand, the housekeeping is just like bigger hotels. Nice, clean rooms, daily cleaning, etc.

If you are aware and go with the right expectations, these budget hotel chains can be a frequent traveler’s best friend.

Best budget hotel chains that we love

Ibis, Ibis Budget and Ibis Styles

Ibis is a budget hotel chain and is a great choice for people looking to stay in a hotel that is clean, comfortable, and within a good price range.

The chain is a subsidiary of Accor, the third-largest hotel group in the world, and so the quality of hotels within the chain is guaranteed to be of a good standard.

That also means you can benefit from several current Accor promotions when you book your stay with Ibis.

Ibis hotels are modern and have a good range of facilities and services available. They are known for their simplicity, practicality, and affordability.

However, what truly Ibis excels at is - Location.

They are usually situated within city centers, close to tourist places, and close to the airport.

There’s even an Ibis with Eiffel Tower view. What more can you ask for in a budget hotel?

Ibis Hotels has several product lines, including Ibis Styles and Ibis Budget. Prices for these brands are not very different. It usually depends more on the location and occupancy than the variant.

Ibis Styles generally include more open spaces and facilities like a swimming pool etc.

Fairfield by Marriott

Fairfield by Marriott, earlier known as Fairfield Inn and Suites, is a budget hotel chain by Marriott.

It’s not only priced very attractively, but it can also help you climb up to the next Marriott elite status quickly when you are short of a few nights.

Of course, you can make use of all current Marriott promotions at Fairfield as well.

Fairfield offerings might change depending on the location. You will get free breakfast at most properties outside the Asia Pacific. Fairfield doesn’t offer complimentary breakfast at Asia Pacific properties.

You can always choose a breakfast included rate though.

However, you can expect Fairfield properties in the Asia Pacific to be slightly better than their western counterparts.

Holiday Inn Express

Holiday Inn Express is a subsidiary of InterContinental Hotels Group, popularly known as IHG.

With over 2800 properties worldwide, you are likely to find a Holiday Inn Express in almost every city you would want to travel to.

Being a part of IHG, Holiday Inn Express is eligible for some of the most lucrative IHG promotions.

You almost always get free breakfast at Holiday Inn Express. Even on free nights booked through points.

Holiday Inn Express is a great option for those who are traveling on a budget.

Hampton by Hilton

The Hampton by Hilton hotel is a mid-range hotel chain owned by Hilton Worldwide.

When it comes to offers, Hampton has the backing of some excellent Hilton promotions.

It is popular for its affordable prices and prime location, including near major airports. With affordable rates and convenient locations, Hampton provides an attractive option for business travelers, families, and vacationers alike.

Looking for even cheaper hotel chains?

Although all of the above hotels are pretty well priced, sometimes you just need a cheap room to probably just crash for the night or for short trips.

There are a few more hotel chains that are generally cheaper than these and more like traditional low-cost hotels with full service but at a much smaller scale.

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