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Club Room vs Standard Room: What’s the Club Floor fuss all about?

Updated: Oct 4, 2023. Walter Ray.
Club Room vs Standard Room: What’s the Club Floor fuss all about? - Cover Image
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You may have noticed the “Club Level” label on elevators, booking pages, and hotel websites. Many upscale hotels offer Club Rooms or Club Levels alongside their Standard, Superior, or Deluxe rooms. But what exactly are they, and why is there so much excitement surrounding them? Let’s dive in and find out.

Club Rooms

Hotels are constantly striving to enhance the comfort and enjoyment of their guests’ stays while also boosting their own revenues. One way they achieve this is by offering Club Rooms or Lounges. These exclusive spaces typically cater to business travelers and elite members as a means of rewarding loyalty and encouraging them to choose the brand.

While the specific benefits may vary from hotel to hotel, here are some advantages you can expect when comparing a clubroom to a standard room:

  1. Enhanced Accommodations: Club Rooms are typically located on higher floors and offer larger rooms with better views. They are meticulously appointed to provide a luxurious experience.

  2. Complimentary Food and Drinks: The highlight of staying in a clubroom is the access to the Club Lounge, where you can enjoy complementary breakfast, evening cocktails and meals, snacks, tea/coffee throughout the day. This perk alone can make it worthwhile. The offerings differ from property to property.

  3. Dedicated Workspaces: The Club Lounge provides quiet areas with Wi-Fi connectivity and work desks, making it ideal for meetings or getting work done.

  4. Laundry Services: A few hotels offering clubrooms include complimentary daily laundry services for 2–4 pieces of clothing per day. This allows you to travel light without worrying about laundry during your stay.

  5. Refreshing Amenities: Some hotels go the extra mile by providing free water bottles, juices, fresh fruits, and other perks to ensure your stay is refreshingly comfortable.

  6. Exclusive Pool Access: Certain hotels even have separate swimming pools exclusively for clubroom guests, adding an extra touch of luxury to your experience.

  7. Priority Services: Club Room guests enjoy VIP treatment at the front desk with priority check-ins and checkouts. They may also receive additional perks such as priority room services. Most hotels also have a separate check-in desk on the club floor.

Understanding Club Level

To distinguish between standard rooms and club rooms, most hotels designate separate floors as “Club Level.” This labeling can often be seen on hotel elevators.

How to get or book a Club Room?

Contrary to popular belief, club rooms are not solely reserved for business travelers. There are three primary ways to gain access to a club room:

  1. Book a Club Room: In some cases, the price difference between a standard room and a club room may be minimal, making it an attractive option.

  2. Elite Member Upgrade: If you hold elite membership status with the hotel chain, you may be eligible for a complimentary upgrade to a club room. Be sure to inquire about this possibility during your stay.

  3. Request an Upgrade: If you encounter issues with your current room, politely asking for an upgrade to a club room is worth a shot.

Considerations for Club Level

  • Just because the type of room you booked is called Club, doesn’t mean there is a club level or club lounge in your hotel. Confirm with the hotel in advance.
  • In some instances, hotels may upgrade you to a club room but not grant access to the club lounge. If you possess elite membership with the hotel chain, it might be worth requesting access at the front desk.
  • Not all hotels, especially resorts, have a Club Lounge. Call up the hotel before booking.
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