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Hyatt Leverage: A discount program for small businesses worldwide.

Updated: Sep 29, 2023. Tim Das.
Hyatt Leverage: A discount program for small businesses worldwide. - Cover Image
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Hyatt offers an interesting discount program called Hyatt Leverage, specifically designed for small businesses around the world. This program provides discounts for business travel, making it a valuable opportunity for small enterprises.

Small businesses are a big business for hotels.

Once you become a member of Hyatt Leverage, you will receive a unique ‘Corporate Code’ that can be used by you or your employees when booking Hyatt hotels. This code allows you to avail of the benefits offered by the program.

Discounted stay is the third-best thing about the Hyatt Leverage Program.

For small businesses, every penny counts. Therefore, even a 10-15% discount can make a significant difference when considering all the business travel expenses throughout the year. However, the discount is not the only advantage of this program. There are two other benefits that make it incredibly useful.

1. Administrator Portal

Managing and organizing your company’s business travel bookings can be quite challenging if they are numerous. With Hyatt Leverage, you gain access to an Administrator Portal where you can conveniently view traveler information, trips, and room expenses all in one place.

2. Flexibility

Hyatt Leverage rates come with a much more business-friendly cancellation policy. Even if the discount may not be substantial, you will often find that the cancellation policy is much better compared to other rates. It’s like paying for non-refundable advance booking rates but enjoying the flexibility of being able to cancel if necessary.

Eligibility and Joining Process

Any legal entity with a valid business number, tax ID number, or similar documentation can join Hyatt Leverage as long as they meet the criteria. However, if your organization already has a corporate agreement with Hyatt, it may not be eligible to join this program.

Location is not a limiting factor; businesses from any part of the world can participate.

The best part is that joining the Hyatt Leverage program is completely free. There are no costs involved for your company or employees.

To join, simply complete the online registration form available here.

After submitting the form, you will receive a welcome email confirming your company’s membership in the program. This email will also provide you with a corporate discount code to be used when making reservations. Make sure to have your personal Hyatt credentials ready for the registration process.

The 50 Nights Requirement

As a member of Hyatt Leverage, your company is expected to accumulate at least 50 nights at Hyatt hotels worldwide. These nights can include both business and personal stays by employees, as long as they use the provided corporate code during their bookings.

However, this requirement serves as a re-evaluation criterion rather than a condition for joining. You can sign up right away and see how many nights you can contribute to your Hyatt Leverage account.

It’s worth noting that there are reports suggesting that Hyatt doesn’t strictly enforce this rule during re-evaluation either. So even if you receive an eligibility requirement notification during renewal, you may be able to make a case for your business and continue enjoying the benefits of the program.

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