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Accor ALL: Earn points for dining even when you are not staying at the hotel

Earn points for dining even when you are not staying at the hotel
Whether you stay or not, you can still earn Accor ALL points at participating restaurants and bars on Accor properties.
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Accor has an offer for us foodies who end up being at Accor restaurants often. Yo can earn Accor All points on every drink or meal you grab at restaurant and bars at participating Accor properties. IHG has a similar offer where you can earn reward points at any restaurant.

How to earn Accor points at restaurants?

The process is quite simple. You need to register your credit card with Accor and every time you use that card to make a payment at any participating restaurant, you automatically earn points. Good thing is it makes it pretty simple an automated. On the flip side, you can’t use a card you haven’t registered or have forgotten to update after re-issuance. And if someone else decides to treat you, you miss out on points.

  1. Download the ALL app
  2. Create your Accor account and become a member
  3. Register with a valid credit card (American Express, Visa).
  4. Click on “Link card to earn Reward points”.
  5. Browse the restaurant or bar of your is participating in the offer. (List of participating restaurants)

Every €1 helps you earn 1 Reward Point, the rewards will be credited to your account within 7 days of settling the bill. Don’t forget to save the receipts until you receive your points. No other payment method is eligible for this offer.

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