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Accor ALL: Get 3x points in Germany for unlimited number of stays

Get 3x points in Germany for unlimited number of stays
Accor All is offering 2x or 3x points at participating Accor properties in Germany, depending on your check-in day.
Register By: August 26, 2022
Stay By: August 26, 2022
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Accor All has a new and interesting promotion for Germany. You can earn 2x or 3x reward points for all your stays in Germany during the offer period.

A minimum of 2 nights stay is required.

Now, whether you earn 2x or 3x depends on the day you check in.

If you check in on Friday, you earn 2x points. If you check in on any other day of the week, you earn 3x points.

The strategy seems to be 2x points for weekend and 3x for weekday stays. Could be because business stays are still not back to pre-covid level.

You need to register for the offer before your stay.

Unlimited times or not?

These are the 3 statements from Accor offer description page and terms.

  1. …As many times as you want.
  2. This offer can be used without limitation per member during its validity period.
  3. The first stay booked and completed following registration for the offer is eligible for the Reward points credit, as per the offer conditions.

Even though the first 2 statements clearly state that you can use it unlimited number of times. However, the third statement from the terms seems to contradict it.

Most likely the offer is available for unlimited number of times as that’s highlighted clearly on the offer description page.

Confusing terms happens a lot with Accor promotions, unfortunately.


Whether it is single use or multiple, 2x or 3x, all you need to do is register for the promotion. And then book directly on Accor’s website or App or from the promotion page.

It’s a good promotion as it is simple to use and is applicable from the very first stay.

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