Let’s be frank. We all travel with Luggage. Sometimes a lot. But still, traveling with a lot of luggage is a pain and probably on top of the list of things we could avoid while traveling.

That’s where the Luggage Free service comes in. You get door-to-door luggage delivery where you can ship your luggage, bikes, golf clubs, skis or snowboards etc to any destination across the world, and can easily avoid carrying, checking, and claiming luggage and even customs.

As an Accor ALL member, you also get some additional perks.

  • From 25$ up to $100 discount on your 1st order
  • Up to 11% discount on further orders
  • Complimentary insurance coverage starting from $1,000 to $3,000
  • Service upgrade on delivery for Platinum members
  • Earn 3 rewards points for 1 Euro spent to place an order onLuggage Free

Luggage Free Accor ALL Offer

Accor Status Discount on 1st order Discount on subsequent orders Insurance Coverage
Classic Member $25 USD - $1000
Silver Member $50 USD 6% $1000
Gold Member $75 USD 8.5% $2000
Platinum Member $100 USD 11% $3000

PS: 1st order should be of $200 or more to receive the discount.

Platinum members will also receive an automatic upgrade to Priority service on international shipments OR 1 category upgrade on shipments staying within the United States.