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Hilton Honors: Hilton Diamond Status for Amex Centurion card holders in China

Hilton Diamond Status for Amex Centurion card holders in China
You can get a complimentary upgrade to Hilton Diamond or HIlton Gold, depending on the card you hold.
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Hilton has a very rewarding elite status program, esp. Gold and Diamond. Room upgrades and complimentary breakfast for all your stays and several other benefits. Diamond members also get Executive Lounge Access. Therefore, an upgrade opportunity to Hilton Elite status is always worth trying.

If you hold one of the American Express Centurion cards in China, you can request for a complimentary upgrade to elite Hilton Status right away.

Upgrade Eligibility

Card Type Hilton Honors Status
American Express Centurion Black Gold Card Hilton Honors Diamond
American Express Centurion Platinum Hilton Honors Gold

You need to contact American Express Concierge for details and upgrade registration.

This upgrade is definitely worth applying for given that there are no stays or spends requirement to avail the promo.

You can explore the benefits of Hilton Diamond and Gold here.

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