Your next 2 nights or more at an IHG property can earn you bonus AAdvantage miles.

To be eligible for bonus miles, your earning preference in your account settings should be ‘Miles’ with ‘American Airlines | AAdvantage’ as the preferred partner.

Stay needs to be booked via their official promotion page only.

You need to book and complete your stay on or before March 31st 2021 to be eligible for this promotion.

This offer is applicable on stays at participating IHG hotels and resorts worldwide.

This offer can be used multiple times during the offer period. However, the maximum bonus award limit is 15,000 Bonus Miles during this campaign.

IHG offers both ‘Reward Points’ and ‘Air Miles’ as earning preference for your hotel stays. However, in my experience, hotel reward points give you a much better value. And comparatively far better promotions.