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1000 bonus points on 1st stay. Up to 4x points on subsequent stays

Thu Jan 30 2020 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Get 1000 bonus points after first stay and 2x to 4x points on subsequent stays during the offer period.

Register By: January 14, 2020
Book By: January 14, 2020
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Not all IHG promotions are about thousands of points. Some are a little modest ones. This definitely falls in that category. However, bonus points are bonus points. And of course, if you follow our IHG points maximizer strategy, even this promo can end up with a lot of benefits.

IHG 1000 + 4x promotion.

To benefit from this promotion, you need to register for the offer and book your stay by 15th December 2019. You need to complete your stays by 31st January 2020. And then you earn bonus points as per the table below:

Stay Bonus Points
1st Stay 1000 bonus points
2nd Stay 2x points
3rd Stay 3x points
4th Stay 4x points
5th and all subsequent stays 4x points

There is a limit of 200,000 on bonus points you can earn PER STAY.

Good to know

  • You need to register for the offer before booking.
  • Total spend for booking a qualifying stay must be over $30 USD with minimum stay of 1 night.
  • Only one room per member per Qualifying Stay will be awarded the applicable bonus points.

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