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IHG Rewards: 3x points plus 6000 bonus points for IHG cardholders

3x points plus 6000 bonus points for IHG cardholders
Registration required. Earn 2x to 3x points on all your stays plus 6000 bonus IHG Rewards points for IHG credit cardholders.
Stay From: October 1, 2021
Stay By: December 31, 2021
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IHG fans have been very busy lately, keeping up with IHG promotions.

Here’s another good offer from IHG Rewards.

Register for the promotion and you can earn up to 3x reward points.

Bonus points you get depend on the number of stays you complete during the offer period.

Stay Points you earn
1st stay Regular (1x)
2nd stay 2x points
3rd stay 3x points
All subsequent stays 3x points

Remember all these stays should be within the offer period after you have registered for the promotion.

Even though you can register for the offer right away, the stays and bonus points are only considered for stays between October 1, 2021, and December 31, 2021.

Reminder: IHG only considers stays with at least an average spend of US$ 30 per night as qualifying stay for such promotions.

There is a cap of 70,000 bonus points for this promotion. This includes only the bonus points for this promotion and not your regular base points. (1x in 3x is base points and 2x is promotional.)

Bonus for IHG Credit cardholders

There’s a bonus of 3000 points each on the 2nd and 3rd stay for IHG credit cardholders.

You will need to use your IHG card to pay for the stay.


I would have loved it if this promotion was designed for increasing the bonus basis the number of nights, instead of stays. After all, a lot of people are looking for staycations.

As always, I would advise to go ahead and register for the promotion right away. You have enough time to plan your stay.

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