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Global Promotion - 4x reward points plus 6k bonus for IHG card holders

Updated: May 5, 2022. Walter Ray.
Offer ended
Global Promotion - 4x reward points plus 6k bonus for IHG card holders - Cover Image
With this latest IHG One promotion, earn 4x points on your stays plus a bonus of up to 6000 points for IHG credit card holders.
Stay From: May 18, 2022
Stay By: Aug 31, 2022
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IHG Rewards’ transition to IHG One Rewards was smooth and rewarding.

With all the new benefits and perks, it seems that IHG is not giving up on some great promotions it has been running for a while now.

That’s reassuring and exciting.

IHG is back with another interesting reward points multiplier promotion.

IHG One 4x points promotion

You can earn up to 4x points on your stays with IHG, depending on the number of nights during the promotion period.

You need to register for the promotion first.

Here’s the breakdown of how many bonus points you can earn.

Nights Earnings
First 2-5 nights 2x points
Next 6-14 nights 3x points
Next 15 and above 4x points

Note that even if you stay more than 15 nights, you earn 4x points for 15th night and above only. You will not earn 4x points for all nights if you cross 15 nights. The same goes for 3x points.

There is a cap of 100,000 bonus points that you can earn with this particular promotion.

Elite status bonus is not a part of this limit.

IHG requires an average spend of minimum USD 30 per night for the stay to qualify for promotions. This is most likely pre-tax. Better to bill all charges to the room to avoid confusion.

6000 bonus points for IHG Credit card holders.

Members in the United States with an IHG Credit Card from Chase can earn an additional 3,000 bonus points after the card member’s first 3 qualifying nights during the promotion.

Another 3,000 bonus points after the card member’s second 3 qualifying nights.

These 6,000 points are outside the 100,000 limit. That means IHG credit card holders can theoretically earn a total of 106,000 bonus points with this promotion.


This promotion is pretty smart as more and more people are looking for longer holidays post all kinds of lockdowns.

Even if you have a shorter stay, it’s a good promotion. Like always, I recommend registering for the offer right away, even if you have no plans to travel currently.

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