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AirPlay coming to IHG hotels this year.

Updated: Jun 5, 2023. Walter Ray.
AirPlay coming to IHG hotels this year. - Cover Image
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Apple just unveiled AirPlay for hotels at their WWDC conference, 2023. And, IHG just became the first hospitality company to integrate AirPlay (at least announced to) at their hotels worldwide.

AirPlay will begin to roll out in select IHG hotels globally before the end of 2023.

With AirPlay in hotels, guests can easily connect to the TV in their room by scanning a unique QR code. From there, they can effortlessly stream music, videos or other content of their choice.

This latest move by IHG follows closely on the heels of their introduction of Wi-Fi auto-connect for IHG One members. It is heartening to see a hospitality company not only keep pace with technological advancements, but also lead the way in embracing them. This is particularly noteworthy given that some of its competitors struggle to provide even basic services on their apps.

Working together with Apple to introduce AirPlay to our IHG Studio platform later this year marks another significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to enhance the guest experience. This technology will provide seamless connectivity and personalized entertainment options," said George Turner, Chief Commercial & Technology Officer, IHG Hotels & Resorts. “Whether traveling for business or leisure, our guests can now enjoy the convenience of streaming directly from their iPhone or iPad to our in-room technology, creating a home-away-from-home environment like never before."

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