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Make a wish: IHG lifetime elite status.

Updated: Dec 29, 2023. Tim Das.
Make a wish: IHG lifetime elite status.  - Cover Image
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Those who have switched, or are considering switching from Marriott or Hilton to IHG One Rewards, often wonder if IHG offers lifetime elite status. Unfortunately, the answer is no, IHG currently does not offer lifetime elite status. However, we are hopeful.

In our new ‘Make a Wish’ section, we explore the possibility of IHG introducing this coveted feature.

While IHG does not currently provide lifetime elite status, other loyalty programs do have such offerings.

Hilton Lifetime Status.

Status Requirement
Hilton Lifetime Diamond Elite 10 years as Diamond(non-consecutive), and either 1000 nights or 2 million base points.

Marriott Lifetime Status.

Status Requirement
Lifetime Silver Elite 250 qualifying nights + 5 years as Silver Elite or higher.
Lifetime Gold Elite 400 qualifying nights + 7 years as Gold Elite or higher.
Lifetime Platinum Elite 600 qualifying nights + 10 years as Platinum Elite or higher.

Hyatt Lifetime Status.

Status Requirement
Lifetime Globalist 1,000,000 Lifetime Base Points.

Marriott’s lifetime status program seems to be the most comprehensive among the three mentioned above. However, it is worth noting that Marriott’s highest tiers, Titanium and Ambassador, do not offer the option for a lifetime status.

Why do we believe our wish could come true?

Despite IHG’s current lack of a lifetime elite status program, there are reasons to believe that this could change in the near future.

Unlike the older IHG Rewards program, the newly revamped IHG One Rewards program has proven to be highly competitive and constantly evolving.

Recent additions such as milestone benefits and free breakfast for Diamond elite members are hugely popular already. IHG also recently added the ability to transfer points for free to other members.

There are also rumors of lounge access being added for IHG Diamond members.

Given these back to back positive developments recently, and the potential benefits of offering lifetime elite status, it is highly likely that IHG is already working on this feature.

Encouraging members to maintain Diamond status for 10 years and accumulate nights, amounting to years at IHG properties, would be an enticing opportunity for both loyal customers and the company itself.

Fingers crossed!

PS: If you have any wish you would like us to write about, do let us know.

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