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Diamond benefits experience at Holiday Inn Bangkok Silom

Updated: Aug 25, 2022. Walter Ray.
Diamond benefits experience at Holiday Inn Bangkok Silom - Cover Image
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IHG recently rolled out its revamped IHG One Rewards program with a lot of fanfare. There were numerous changes to the program. Milestone Rewards and free breakfast for Diamond members being the most interesting new benefits.

Here’s an overview of our experience as a diamond member at Holiday Inn Bangkok Silom.

Early check in

We reached really early. Like 6 hours before check-in time early. I wasn’t expecting this, but we were given a room immediately without any waiting time. This was probably the most important benefit for us after a red-eye flight.

I would rate this experience as excellent.


Well, coming to the most anticipated benefit – Complimentary breakfast. Yes, we were not only offered complimentary breakfast, the executive at the counter actually reminded us to choose the welcome amenity.

They have a print-out with all the benefits outlined. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have to remind them about my status and the benefit. It was proactively offered.

The breakfast was good with a decent spread, good quality and an exceptional service.

During the breakfast, they were actively offering reserved seats to IHG members with any elite status.

IHG Diamond benefits at Holiday Inn Bangkok Silom

Room upgrade

Room upgrades are always a hit or miss kind of thing with any program. We were offered a ‘premium room’, which was a corner room with a little walk-in closet, and a bathtub.

The room was big and nice. So, no complaints there. Since this was an award booking, we were more than happy with the room offered.

Holiday Inn Bangkok Silom being an old property, most rooms in this hotel are quite spacious. And they are very well maintained. It looks like a brand-new property most of the time.

Dining discounts

As per the information given to us, the following discounts were available for members with elite status.

  • A complimentary soft drink for 2 (coupon provided during the check-in).
  • 25% discount at the restaurant.
  • 50% discount on buffet lunch and dinner. (This seems to be a promotion available to all.)

Late check out

We asked for 4pm check-out and were offered 3 pm. Better than the guaranteed 2 pm for members.

Some other things about the hotel


Holiday Inn Bangkok Silom is located in the diamond/jewelry trading market area. However, it’s still close to everything. It’s easy to find a Grab here as well.

There are several shops nearby. 7-eleven and Tops Supermarket are just next door. Central Silom Tower is just opposite the hotel with several restaurants etc.

Uncool Pool

Probably the only disappointing thing at this hotel was their pool. They have a 2ft (0.61 m) pool and a 6ft (1.83 m) one. Nothing in between. Difficult to have some chill time in the pool with family.

No Spa

Hotel doesn’t have a Spa. However, there is a spa in the basement of the hotel (not affiliated with the hotel). The spa offers in-room massages as well, but you need to pay cash, and it can’t be added to the room.

Spa doesn’t accept credit cards, whether at the spa or in-room.

Anyway, as expected in Thailand, there are numerous spas and traditional Thai massage parlors all around the hotel.


The hotel has a very straightforward system of offering benefits to loyal customers. This is an excellent sign, and shows how the management got it just right.

Even if we ignore the elite benefits, Holiday Inn Bangkok Silom is still an excellent property. We would definitely go back.

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