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IHG Rewards: IHG announces new elite tiers, earning rate and upgrade qualifications

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IHG announces new elite tiers, earning rate and upgrade qualifications

IHG just gave us a sneak peek into their new IHG Rewards program. Whether it turns out to be a major overhaul, minor upgrade, or just a marketing gimmick, only time will tell.

What we know so far is that there are new tiers, new bonus points earning rates, and new eligibility criteria for IHG Rewards’ elite tiers.

New IHG Elite Tiers, Earning, and Requirement.

Status Nights Required Points Required Bonus Points
Club (Base Level) 0 0 NA
Silver Elite 10 NA 20%
Gold Elite 20 40,000 40%
Platinum Elite 40 60,000 60%
Diamond Elite 70 120,000 100%

You need to either complete the required number of nights OR earn elite qualifying points to upgrade to one of the elite statuses.

The new program will be live sometime in March 2022.

There is a new Silver Tier and Spire Elite Status is replaced by Diamond status.

It might look like the Spire elite’s name has been changed to Diamond. However, since the eligibility criteria for Diamond is much higher than Spire, I would prefer to call it a new tier.

This might not be bad

All loyalty programs keep diluting the benefits and refresh generally means even fewer benefits.

However, I am feeling optimistic here.

Primarily because IHG doesn’t offer any guaranteed benefits (yes, no worthwhile benefit for even Spire elites) to its elite members apart from bonus points. So what will they take away?

We already know the bonus points each tier would be getting. The only thing left for IHG to do is - add a few benefits.

What will IHG actually do? We will have to wait a couple of months or so to know.

What about existing elite members?

IHG has extended the elite status for all members till Feb 2023. So you continue to be with your current elite status.

If you are a Spire Elite, come March, you will become a Diamond Elite.

Till the new program is launched, you can still earn an upgrade or renew your current status for another year with the existing requirements (reduced for Covid).

  • Gold Elite by earning 7,000 Qualified Points or staying 7 Qualified Nights.

  • Platinum Elite by earning 30,000 Qualified Points or staying 30 Qualified Nights.

  • Spire Elite by earning 55,000 Qualified Points or staying 55 Qualified Nights.

Once the new program is launched, these reduced qualifications won’t matter.

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