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IHG Flash Sale: Get 90% bonus points when you purchase 7000 or more points.

Updated: Feb 6, 2024. Tim Das.
Offer ended
IHG Flash Sale: Get 90% bonus points when you purchase 7000 or more points. - Cover Image
During this promotion, you can buy up to 150,000 IHG points. This is the annual limit for the number of points you can purchase in a year.
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Lamenting over that last missed points’ sale of IHG? Well, here’s another one. Although, this time around, a little less thrilling than the original (10% less thrilling to be precise). Instead of a 100% bonus as in the last sale, we’re looking at a still respectable 90%.

In this flash sale, you can buy IHG points until 11:59 PM ET on February 12, 2024, and get a bonus of 90% extra points.

Fine print and big points are available on the promotion page here.

If you want to rake in these bonus points, you’ll need to purchase a minimum of 7000 points. You’ve got the green light to go all out and buy up to 150,000 points (the annual cap for this promo), which could land you an additional bonus up to 135,000 points.

At the highest level, each IHG point will cost you around 0.53 cents. With IHG, finding properties where your points are worth more than 0.53 cents each is pretty easy. IHG is dependable when it comes to points redemption (looking for wood).

Watch out for this slab change at 25k!

Note that there is a pricing slab change at 25,000 points. Buying 26,000 points ends up being cheaper than purchasing 23k -25k.

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