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IHG Rewards Levels - Tiers, Benefits and Qualifications

Updated: Jan 21, 2022. Walter Ray.
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Hotel loyalty programs are rarely complex, until you take a closer look.

What most hotels put across is a pretty simplistic overview of their program - stay these many nights or spend xx and you get yy.

Unfortunately, that’s almost never the case. There’s always a long list of terms and conditions to comb through to fully grasp a program’s intricacies.

Thankfully, IHG Rewards is not like that.

It looks simple. And it is simple. Which is probably why it is a popular program.

Let’s start with an overview.

IHG Rewards Levels - Overview

IHG Rewards program is divided into 5 levels - 1 base level and 4 elite status levels.

IHG Rewards Levels
Club (Base Level)
Silver Elite
Gold Elite
Platinum Elite
Diamond Elite

Silver and Diamond Elite tiers have been added in 2022. Spire Elite was removed at the same time.

How to upgrade to a higher IHG Rewards level?

There are 2 ways you can upgrade to a higher IHG Rewards status.

  1. By staying the required number of nights OR
  2. By earning required base points
Status Nights Required Points Required
Club (Base Level) 0 0
Silver Elite 10 NA
Gold Elite 20 40,000
Platinum Elite 40 60,000
Diamond Elite 70 120,000

The nights and base points are calculated on a calendar year basis. i.e. you need to earn required number of points or nights within a calendar year.

Sooner you earn, longer you can enjoy the status for.

As soon as you hit the required number of nights or points, your account is upgraded to the respective elite tier. And it remains good for the current year as well as the full following year.

e.g. If you complete 20 nights between Jan and April, you will earn IHG Gold Elite status immediately. And it will be good till December next year. Sometimes till Feb as well (extra 2 months).

Elite rollover nights

Once you earn a status, you will want to stay more and more at the chain to enjoy the elite perks.

But what about the nights that you stay after you have earned the status?

Luckily, they don’t go waste.

Let’s say you finished your 40th stay with IHG in October and got upgraded to Platinum.

Between November and December, you stay for another 5 nights.

These 5 nights (over and above the nights used for your status) will carry forward to your next year pool.

So next year, you will start with 5 and can get to Gold for 15 more or Platinum for 35 more.

Benefits of IHG elite statuses.

Generally all hotel loyalty programs offer a mix of guaranteed benefits and a few ‘best-effort’ benefits.

For IHG, the only guaranteed benefit is bonus points. But lots of them.

Status Bonus Points per stay
Club (Base Level) NA
Silver Elite 20%
Gold Elite 40%
Platinum Elite 60%
Diamond Elite 100%

How bonus points work is pretty straightforward.

Say you are eligible for 1000 base points for a stay, then as a Silver Elite, you will get 200(20%) extra or if you are a diamond, you will get 1000 extra points (100% bonus).

Other benefits include early check-in, late check-out, upgrades to a better room etc but they are all subject to availability and the training of staff at the hotel.

Some are pretty amazing and some would look down on you as some freeloader even for mentioning that you are a Diamond member. That’s just how it is.


Status Nights Required Points Required Bonus Points
Club (Base Level) 0 0 NA
Silver Elite 10 NA 20%
Gold Elite 20 40,000 40%
Platinum Elite 40 60,000 60%
Diamond Elite 70 120,000 100%
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