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IHG's targeted bonus points promotions return with up to 8000 bonus points for every 4 nights.

Updated: Jun 13, 2024. Tim Das.
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IHG's targeted bonus points promotions return with up to 8000 bonus points for every 4 nights. - Cover Image
You can earn an unlimited number of points with this promotion. This promotion consists of multiple targeted offers.
Stay From: Jun 20, 2024
Stay By: Aug 31, 2024
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IHG has reintroduced its targeted bonus points promotions, offering up to 8000 bonus points for every 4 nights stayed.

This something-is-better-than-nothing promotion comes in multiple flavors. But since it is targeted, you’ll only be able to register for the specific offer you have been selected for. Be sure to check your email to see which offer you’ve received.

Here are the available offers we are currently aware of:

  1. 8000 points every 4 nightsRegister here.
  2. 3000 points every 2 nightsRegister here.
  3. 2000 points every 2 nightsRegister here.

These promotions are valid for stays from June 20, 2024, until August 31, 2024. Don’t forget to register before you check in.

Don’t have to be consecutive nights.

Typically, these “every x nights” promotions count across multiple stays. For example, if you stay three nights at one hotel and one night at another within the promotional period, it will count as four nights.

You can take advantage of this promotion multiple times throughout the period; theoretically, you could earn up to 144,000 points (72 nights) by staying at various IHG hotels.

Reward Nights Excluded

Note that stays booked using Rewards Nights or Points & Cash do not qualify for this promotion. Only paid nights with an average daily spend of USD30 or more are eligible. Additionally, bookings made through online travel agencies like Expedia or Agoda do not qualify.

These terms are now standard across most IHG promotions.

Bottom Line

With IHG’s latest targeted promotions, you can earn up to an average of 2000 bonus points per night—not a huge amount but still a decent bonus for stays at more affordable properties.

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