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Make an OpenTable Reservation and get up to 500 bonus points on every reservation

Thu Oct 23 2200 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Search and make OpenTable restaurants reservation via IHG and earn up to 500 IHG® Rewards Club points on every reservation made.

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IHG has never been shy about giving away lots and lots of points. And here is another easy way to regularly earn bonus IHG Rewards Club points. Just make all your restaurant reservations via IHG. The reservations are powered by OpenTable, so that means you can book any restaurant and not just restaurants at IHG hotels.

Although, there are no clear details about how much you earn, you will see the number of points you will earn when you search for a restaurant on IHG. By searching through a few cities, this is what it looks like you can earn:

Type Points Earned
First Reservation 500 points
Featured Restaurants 300 points
All Other Restaurants 150 points

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