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Marriott Bonvoy: Giveaway - 2 night stay at Westin Hotels or Resorts

Giveaway - 2 night stay at Westin Hotels or Resorts
You can win a 2-night stay at Westin Hotels and Resorts. Alternatively, you can win the famous Heavenly Bed by Westin.
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Giveaways and sweepstakes are fun. Especially the travel ones. It’s fun to win a free night here or there, or a complimentary meal, or just a travel gift card.

Fortunately, there is no dearth of giveaways to keep us entertained. Of course, not all giveaways are equal. But they are mostly fun.

Here’s another one for us travelers out there.

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Westin Sleep Well Sweepstake

Marriott is offering a chance to win a 2-night getaway at a Westin property. All they need is your email and name to participate.

You can also win Westin’s famous - ‘The Heavenly Bed’.

The sweepstake is available to US residents only. You must also be at least 21 years old to participate in the sweepstake.

You can read all the terms here.

The winner should be announced on or around October 7th, 2021.

Good to know

If you are a potential winner, you will be notified via email and if you don’t respond within 14 days of the first notification, the prize would be considered forfeited.


It’s a simple sweepstake and nothing to lose. Marriott already has all our email addresses so I don’t see that as an issue as well.

Good Luck!

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