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How to extend the validity of Taj InnerCircle points and Taj Gift Cards?

Updated: Mar 30, 2022. Walter Ray.
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Taj has beautiful properties with an outstanding level of services (mostly). Unfortunately, their loyalty program still leaves a lot to desire.

It’s hard to earn Taj InnerCircle points. And the last thing you want is to let them expire. Thankfully, you don’t have to.

Validity of Taj InnerCircle (TIC) points.

Taj InnerCircle points will remain valid as long as you have at least one qualified point earning or redemption activity in your account in the last 12 months.

To put it simply, your points will remain valid forever if you manage one activity every year. Else, they will start expiring after 12 months of earning.

If you have no qualifying activity for a continuous period of 12 months, you will not only lose your points, your membership will also become ‘inactive’.

Limited number of qualifying activities.

Unfortunately, the regular easy ways to extend validity with most other loyalty programs don’t work with Taj InnerCircle.

As per the terms, the following are NOT qualifying transactions to extend the validity of your points.

  • Earning of TIC Points for services availed at alliance partners (e.g., Shangri-La Hotels, Sixt, etc.)
  • Transfer or receipt of TIC Points from one member to another
  • Purchase of TIC Points
  • Conversion of Points from alliance partners, banks, airlines, etc. to TIC points or vice versa.
  • TIC Points that are not associated with eligible spends
  • Redemption of TIC Points for third-party vouchers, services, and merchandise (e.g., the redemption of TIC points for Sixt vouchers, etc.).

It just leaves us with the regular activities like stay, dining, spa, etc to be considered as a qualifying activity.

However, there is an easy way to extend the life of your Taj InnerCircle points.

Extend the validity of your Taj InnerCircle Points

The easiest way is to have a dining transaction at any of the restaurants at Taj Hotels. However, if your points are about to expire, this might be cutting it too close.

Several restaurants take a lot of time to post the points. You might also have to email the bill and go back and forth to earn points.

However, the easiest and quickest way to extend them is to convert your Taj Inner Circle points to a Taj Gift Card.

You can convert your Taj Inner Circle points to Taj Gift Card here.

You need a minimum of 1000 TIC points to convert.

The gift card should have a validity of one year. However, it’s pretty easy to extend it.

Extend the validity of the Taj Gift Card.

Taj allows you to easily extend the validity of its gift cards for as long as you want. You need to just reload the same card with any amount greater than 500.

The new validity is for 1 year from the date of reload. This may or may not work for some, so please check before reloading.

You can reload the card here.


It’s pretty easy to extend the life of your Taj InnerCircle points and Taj Gift Cards. It’s very rare for any hotel program to make it so simple for users.

I hope it stays this way.

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