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Thailand extends visa-free travel for Indian and Taiwanese tourists.

Updated: May 9, 2024. Manprit.
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Thailand extends visa-free travel for Indian and Taiwanese tourists. - Cover Image
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Here is some good news from Thailand for tourists from India and Taiwan.

Thailand has announced an extension of its visa exemption program specifically aimed at tourists from these two nations. This waiver is now valid until November 11, 2024!

The exemption, introduced in November last year, was initially valid for 6 months.

This means, you can pack your bags and jet off to the land of beautiful beaches and spicy street food without the hassle of securing a visa. No standing in a queue for a visa-on-arrival either.

This exemption allows tourists from India, and Taiwan to stay in Thailand for up to 30 days without the need for any visa. An upgrade from the previous policy, which only allowed a 15-day stay under a visa-on-arrival program. You also save on the 2000 THB visa-on-arrival fee.

The extended visa-free travel is part of Thailand’s strategic plan to lure more international tourists and revitalize its tourism-centric economy.

So why this sudden extension? It appears that the initial waiver implemented last November has been a success. Thailand’s warm hospitality coupled with this travel-friendly policy has made a trip to Thailand not only much easier to plan, but also encourages longer stays.

By extending this exemption, Thailand is clearly hoping to encourage even longer stays and more frequent visits.

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