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Get up to 15% off at all Vila Galé hotels round the year

Wed Dec 05 2300 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Get 10% to 15% off on stays, dining and spa at all Vila Galé hotels in Portugal and Brazil.

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Vila Galé is a popular hotel group with properties primarily in Portugal and Brazil.

While most hotel loyalty programs offer points for stays and participating in activities, Vila Gale has taken a slightly different approach.

As a Vila Gale’s loyalty programme member, you get direct discounts, benefits and promotions not available to non-members.

There is no points based system with Vila Gale Loyalty Programme.

How much can you save as a member?

Vila Gale Vila Gale Star Vila Gale Premium
Eligibility Join Free 10 nights in 12 months
Stay Discount 10% 15%
Restaurant and Bar 10% 15%
Spa and Treatments 10% 15%

Apart from the above discounts, you can also request for early check-in (11 am) and late check-out (3 pm). Though this is not guaranteed but subject to availability.


The program might not be as exciting or even mature as the likes of Marriott, IHG etc, however, a straight away discount and a few promotions is not bad either.

You can definitely expect more local experience at Vila Gale properties compared to global chains.

Maximize your Vila Gale points.

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