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30% bonus on buying Hyatt points

Updated: Jan 25, 2022. Walter Ray.
30% bonus on buying Hyatt points - Cover Image
Buy Hyatt points and get 30% bonus points. Limited period offer.
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Buying Hyatt points can be a good idea to get to that award night you have been eyeing faster.

However, there are only a few cases here and there when buying Hyatt points makes sense. If you don’t have points, cash rates generally are cheaper than buying points for the same night. And you get to earn points for cash bookings as well.

Having said that, Hyatt has a lot more properties than other hotel chains where redemption might be still cheaper than cash.

In case you have a need for buying Hyatt points, it’s a good idea to wait for a buy points promotion.

At a bonus of 30 or 40%, a lot more properties might be cheaper on points than cash. You will have to do your math. Blindly purchasing is not recommended.

Hyatt Buy Points Promotion

Hyatt is currently offering a 30% bonus on purchasing points.

You can buy Hyatt points here.

You need to buy a minimum of 5000 points in a single transaction to earn a 30% bonus.

Limits on points purchase

Hyatt allows you to buy no more than 55,000 points in a calendar year. However, bonus points are not counted in this limit.

e.g. If you buy 55,000 bonus points, and get a 30% bonus (16,500 points), you get a total of 71500 purchased points.

Good to know

Remember that purchased points or bonus points do not count toward World of Hyatt elite membership tiers. You need to earn that the hard way.

Purchased points transactions are not refundable and the points are not transferable. Be sure before you hit the buy button.

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